Gamle Griser! (Dirty Old Men)

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Felt weird to select vocals on the instrument declaration :D

Well, i'm no singer (yet!) but i want to practice and what place is better than Wikiloops for that? :D

So just a random improvised song in Norwegian about dirty old men! :P


July 15 2017 00:44:46
Awesome bro :O is that belch the lager :D
+1 July 15 2017 00:45:47 axenvocs axenvocs
I see a colab coming
July 15 2017 00:52:22 axenvocs eGiL
Oh yeah! :) I need some mic practice, beer helps :D
July 20 2017 22:54:53 axenvocs axenvocs
would you allow me to do this in English ?
July 15 2017 00:09:45
What a hoot! Love it...but maybe because it's so close to what I am! Love your falsetto (sounds like Karius and Bactus).
+1 July 15 2017 00:13:11 Wade eGiL
Haha, i feel like it's where i am heading :D The disturbing thing is that this is what came out of my mouth when i decided to give this a go :O
July 15 2017 00:18:19 Wade Wade
I've got one of these hidden in the archives of the loops...nobody will ever find it though!
July 15 2017 00:19:49 Wade eGiL
Challenge accepted! :D
July 14 2017 23:39:51
very good eGil - you should do more of this!
+1 July 14 2017 23:43:48 bluesdog eGiL
Thanks Bluesdog, was just a fun little improvisation to try my mic ;) I will try to do something a bit more serious at some point ;)
July 14 2017 23:15:10
very cool job eGil... but you should not be making fun of us old guys :D :W
+1 July 14 2017 23:24:55 Don_T eGiL
Haha, well this was about my generation ;) I will do one about you later on! ;)
July 14 2017 23:13:31
Fantastic! Hope to hear more vocal from you.
Cool story.
I shall never be an old man, but dirty? Maybe yes;)

+1 July 14 2017 23:26:34 FrankieJ eGiL
Haha thanks FrankieJ :) Well, note to self: do not make improvised vocals after a few beers :P I need some mic training, and singing in general! Will try to do something a bit more serious in the future :)
July 14 2017 20:18:01
Yeahhhhh ! Really fun bro 🤗
+1 July 14 2017 20:46:32 ARNOSOLO eGiL
Lol, thanks, translation to follow :D
July 14 2017 20:11:52
Only gonna give a 9.5 but bumped it to a 10 for the belch!! :D Pretty cool man! :) And the song is only half way through ...
+1 July 14 2017 20:46:16 Ernie440 eGiL
lol, thanks i did that (partly) for you! ;)
July 14 2017 21:03:28 Ernie440 Ernie440
oh how did you know I love belching!! :D
July 14 2017 21:10:09 Ernie440 eGiL
Seems to be an international way of bonding between males :D
July 14 2017 20:04:44
LOL was that a burp? Hahaha:W
+1 July 14 2017 20:12:09 Keeper eGiL
Oh yeah! A real beer burp :D

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