Severed Life (Ernie440 & RP3drums)

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Stella142 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)
United States

Vocals & Mixer:

DrStrgeglv36 jams Supporter
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I think I finally got a pretty good mix on this one! Mixed this in MONO first, then opened stereo (try that).
Of course, big props and thanks to Ernie440 and Rp3drums! Inspired by Stellar's moving template.

The song is written as a scene from a couple's home. They both feel emotionally isolated and disconnected from society, as well as each other. The male character expresses his narcissistic delusion of more meaningful personal existence, as the female echos in parallel from her own "room". In the end they beg each other to join- but neither can abandon their own (identical) delusion.


July 16 2017 21:42:50
It sounds really really good. :)
It must've took you ages to fit it all together.
I sing this one more than the original...even my 3 year old son is singing's :D

+1 July 16 2017 21:50:49 Stella DrStrgeglv
Awesome! It actually only took about an hour. Reminded me how important it is to know the song, and START CLEAN! (individual tracks)
July 16 2017 18:26:02
very very well done Dr...:W:D:W
+1 July 16 2017 18:34:53 slin DrStrgeglv
Thanks-(finally) Kind of shows how important is the engineering. None of the parts really needed to be changed so much as fitted.
Now I can move on-(obsessive personality disorder)
July 15 2017 17:42:47
fantastic :)
+1 July 16 2017 02:17:22 abuitremorem DrStrgeglv
Thanks! Kind of ready for something else now, LOL!
July 15 2017 16:32:23
Awesome track and great vocals:);)
+1 July 16 2017 02:16:15 petebass DrStrgeglv
Thanks, Mr. Bass
July 15 2017 15:05:39
great job.;)
+1 July 16 2017 02:15:17 Mikebanez DrStrgeglv
Thanks, Mike!
July 15 2017 13:34:56
F'ing cool bro, sounds great, offsetting your vocal track with a clone worked a charm, hmm that's a cool idea!! Soundin' great, check it through the stereo later, listenin' with headphones at the moment .. :)
+1 July 15 2017 14:50:14 Ernie440 DrStrgeglv
Yeah, finally coming together! I knew it was good when I stopped hating the work for a minute. The EQ cooperated this time as well! With the tracks separated I was able to work them against each other and even park the backing vocal in a better zone. The real secret was mixing in MONO first... hmmm.
July 15 2017 16:44:45 Ernie440 Ernie440
yeah hmmm .. interested about the mono first ... whodda thunk it?! :) Sounding good through the stereo ...
July 17 2017 03:03:19 Ernie440 DrStrgeglv
Doing it in Mono first gets the whole mix levels contained while you try to figure out what's right and wrong- then you just open it back up and it stays balanced.
July 15 2017 13:28:53
Fantastic Dr. :D
+1 July 15 2017 14:50:53 ivax DrStrgeglv
Thanks, IVax!

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