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Itocpogo286 jams Supporter
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I like how Gabriel changed the progression and his very good laid back solo against rp3drums cool and stead 5/4 beat and Ernie's powerful bass line establishing a more dramatic landscape. Ironically this was Brubeck's biggest hit (crossed over to pop charts which was totally unusual) and the only composition he did not write. His Fantastic alto sax player Paul Desmond was the composer. My add follows Gabriel's fine solo.


July 16 2017 19:38:10
fantastic sax playing, Dan!!! its great how you catch our attention after the long notes with fast licks I <3 it!!! :) :)
+1 July 17 2017 16:09:34 jjdf Itocpogo
Thank You so much, Joao!! I am always so appreciative when you stop by!!
July 16 2017 16:08:26
muy buena jam

July 16 2017 16:08:09
take five :)
+1 July 17 2017 16:10:06 tyros4 Itocpogo
Gracias Yoy mucho, lo aprecio!
July 15 2017 22:57:29
It sound good , a real jazz cats, great impro! Thanks for remix😀
+1 July 15 2017 23:35:10 gabriel289 Itocpogo
Thank You Gabriel! Man, keep playing, playing and playing as much jazz as you can, and study lines from your jazz mentors you find inspiring. I have found it improves your skills for other music styles.
July 16 2017 01:52:20 gabriel289 gabriel289
I believe it too, music is like a language. You need to listen and practice if you want to be fluent !
July 15 2017 22:25:27
This excellent track with an old evocative jazz theme just waited for your sax and you have played with your class and with your typical wonderful phrasing with no hesitation! Perfect job Dan! :)
+1 July 15 2017 23:32:33 Stef Itocpogo
Thank You Stef!! I appreciate your kind words and I am so inspired by your comments!
July 15 2017 20:42:32
Nice one Dan,great sax solo,love it when you play this style,Awesome!!!(hope it does'nt get taken down):Y:Y
+1 July 15 2017 23:30:30 petebass Itocpogo
Thanks Pete!, I appreciate it very much!
July 15 2017 19:52:10
Thank you for this musical good time Dan. You have Dave B, and have to capture the spirit of this well made track because she does not say her real name. You take off in 01:08 upright! A big one plisir to listen to you here my friend :)
+1 July 15 2017 23:29:58 titi Itocpogo
Thank you Titi,I am so humbled by your kind words!
July 15 2017 19:00:35
Have just heard Dave Brubeck again. Although the rhythm could seduce, and the guitar quotes its theme somewhat, you play brilliant your theme. Like it a lot. Big compliment:)
+1 July 15 2017 23:29:06 abuitremorem Itocpogo
Thank you very much, Rene! I am so honored by your kind words!
July 15 2017 18:38:41
Great sax lines Dan, so good ;)
+1 July 15 2017 23:28:12 GlezBass Itocpogo
Thanks so much, Glez!
July 15 2017 18:34:56
Yesss!!This is definitely your musical direction, because your Sax lines are excellent!
+1 July 15 2017 23:27:33 Pewi Itocpogo
Thank You very much Peter for your kind words, I greatly appreciate it!

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