Beyond The River

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Don_T467 jams
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Here is another old gospel song I wrote a few years back. Open to anything you want to add. Thanks for listening. Hd file is just vocals
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Gospel, country


this is so nice to listen to, pared back just the voice and guitar...well done Don :)+1
July 21 2017 00:29:03
Don_T Thank you, Ms Shi :) +0
A wonderful song Don - you impress me. Big compliment<3:)+1
July 20 2017 20:02:33
Don_T Thank you so much Rene... I have a harmonizer pedal on the way, so hoping my harmonies will improve as I have a lot of songs that were written for harmony. But on this one I just tried to do them one track at a time.... not so easy for a guy who is not very talented at mixing :) +0
July 20 2017 20:06:44
abuitremorem Don, I find this excellently mixed. The voice is wonderful, the words sing well understand and the guitar accompanied - and just - the song is beautiful !!! What do you want more: D +1
July 20 2017 20:08:32
Don_T in some spots it seems the harmonies get a little off track.. could be latency, not sure.. or could just be my old ears lol +1
July 20 2017 20:13:41
abuitremorem Yes - but the voice carries easily over it :) :) :) me it does not bother. For me it creates charm and fits into the mood +1
Awesome Poppa Don;):P:D+1
July 20 2017 19:37:45
Don_T :D Thanks Ron :D +1
July 20 2017 22:18:41
Anon518 Hey Ron he's my Poppa D.
He's adopted me lol
When can I move to the US?!!
July 21 2017 03:32:09
mortheol Hey Stella come on over..we would love to have ya' here;)<3 +1
Now, to me, this is like something Elvis would sing :)
So talented Poppa D.
July 20 2017 19:28:51
Don_T Thanks Stella my sweet daughter.. you are good for poppa's ego :D +2
July 20 2017 19:37:06
mortheol :|:o +1

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