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Peterpingo170 jams
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This track is meant as a template for solo player, theme makers and maybe vocalists. Any adds would be great and very appreciated. I played a piano, El-piano and a bass line for the track. Then I used parts of #42992 from Mr.Pointon which I "re-sequenced". I hope someone can use this track and make something out of it. Thanks for listening. Peter.


Excellent mix , arrangement and your piano and bass add is EXCELLENT! So many possibilities for adds!+0
July 24 2017 12:30:28
Peterpingo Thanks Dan. I´m so glad you like it. :) Quite excited to see if there will be some nice adds. :) +1
francisco al
linda harmonia de Keys, baixo ótimo e bom ritmo de bateria. bom trabalho, Peterpingo+1
July 23 2017 20:31:51
francisco al
Peterpingo Thank you very much my Friend. :) +0
A very nice composition of you! I'm curious about what comes of it:)+1
July 23 2017 14:12:31
Peterpingo Thank you very much Peter. Yes I´m quite curious too. I hope for some great solos, themes or other things. :) +1
cool one Peter!!!! nice template!!!:)+1
July 22 2017 19:49:13
Peterpingo Thank you very much jj. :) +0
wonderful template with great potential to go in more than one direction. good job, pat yourself on the back :D+1
July 22 2017 18:36:14
Peterpingo Heh heh. Thank you very much Tu. I´m so glad you like it. :) +0
It's a dandy Peter. Well done my friend. I have to do some stuff today, but I'm saving this one :) :W+1
July 22 2017 17:11:05
Peterpingo Thanks Bruce. I will look forward to see if you come up with something. ;) +0

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