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Trying to work on some new sounds.. this was done on an xlr mic through the amp and picked up live from my usb mic. Not sure how it sounds, so looking for suggestions. I want to do another song and bring the xlr straight into the computer.. but might take me a bit. Since I am just messing with sounds, there are no lyrics.. just off the top of the head stuff anyway.
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bluegrass, country


Oh ... just off the top of your head Don lol!
You are AMAZING. :)
July 23 2017 03:12:42
Don_T yes maam :) Was working with the new TC-Helicon pedal I got today so grabbed the old acoustic and just went for whatever came out. :) +1
Don for me really sounds like life and from the stage.<3<3<3+1
July 23 2017 03:11:12
Don_T Thanks Rene.. the live sound was what I was going for, but wasn't sure it would work :) +1
Give it a 'live' feel. Very nice :)+1
July 23 2017 05:15:59
Don_T Thanks Alan, that is what I was going for :) +0
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