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Wade was in Spain traveling and playing with me on his way through Malaga, no doubt he stayed with the flamenco brag, this jam from Fenton and Wade is a musical gem that I had to duplicate in time of duration because it became very short In 1:05-1:25, 2:21-2:50,3:46-4:15 The typicals arpeggio of flamenco guitar simulated high speed in my bass with the touch string bass at superbeat bpm with a pick guitar Hope you like loopers.... Technical info to interested bassists ...


Your bass lines are so different than what I would expect and so good Glez for this song. Love it against Wades's beautiful sax lines! You techniques is excellent!+1
July 23 2017 22:03:26
GlezBass Thanks Dan. Harmony of flamenco is not strange to me, and Fenton and Wade have captured part of it in this session live, it is easy to follow them by the jam +1
francisco al
muito bom, Mario+1
July 23 2017 23:50:10
francisco al
GlezBass obrigado francisco +0
Absolutely amazing to hear this carried forward and transformed. A very beautiful and sensitive treatment. Yea, I've got to come back to Spain and have us play a bit more live. We didn't even do any Flamenco that time! I've been listening to Flamenco since childhood.+1
July 24 2017 00:14:33
GlezBass You can tell that you have heard flamenco, and Fenton also plays these scales very well; although I am not an expert connoisseur of flamenco from if they are very habitual rhythms, and in this jam in particular when moving in the note E better, because I know a little this scale in the electric bass and it is a tone "very flamenca" +1
July 24 2017 00:26:56
Wade Although Chris Fenton can play in other keys, he (like most other guitar players), finds it easiest to play in "open" E. For the sax I'm either in F# or C# depending on which sax (saxes are in Eb or Bb). These are not the easiest keys to play in, but you get used to it. Chris has some rhythm problems (from too many yeas of playing by himself), but they are less apparent when we are playing in such a retardar style. +1
WOW !!! Not sure what else to say ... just WOW !!! :D+1
July 24 2017 20:31:51
GlezBass Thanks so much. Cool jam with Wade and Fenton +1

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