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Hello all ! Here is my VERY FIRST contribution on Wikiloops ! (And my very first bossa too !! ^^ ) And it's my honnor to join this song, in fact I have to say that I (totally) fell in love artisticly meaning with the voice ... Moonchild : BRAVO ! ANd many thanks to Gabriel who did this so beautiful guitar line ;) If you want add a DRUM line -> tempo is 120 bpm. Have fun !! o/ (as much as I had
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Bassline, Zavbass, Bossa, Moonchild


Well done, Xavier !+2
August 05 2017 17:16:59
C'est un peu grâce à Vincent ;) ^^
August 05 2017 17:25:11
katell29 Moi aussi. Ça faisait quelques années que j'y étais inscrite et c'est lui qui m'a poussée à enregistrer. +1
August 05 2017 21:37:45
alwax tres sympa la ligne de basse là +1
August 06 2017 06:26:19
ZavBass Thx a lot !! :) +0
Great bass with a real nice tone, sounds excellent, well done and welcome to the loops!! :D+1
August 05 2017 16:15:40
ZavBass Thank U so much !!!
I hope I didn't do too much ... So now : let the drummers do their job !!! ^^
August 05 2017 16:49:50
Ernie440 Well I liked your active bass line!! :):W +1
August 05 2017 17:10:26
ZavBass It reassures me, thank you very much ;) +1
nice bass ride+1
August 05 2017 16:30:57
ZavBass Thank U !! :) ... It gives me strenght ... I only tryed to follow the voice feeling, and surely my love for this (SO) warm voice <3 :) +1
cool basse :) bienvenue à bord !+1
August 05 2017 17:59:41
ZavBass Merci !!! <3
Ca fait bien paliz' ! :)
Nice bass line mate. Welcome to wikiloops, #112839 my bass line with Jurgen. MoonChild it´s a cool singer in wikiloops, here sing like a great jazz singer lady+1
August 05 2017 19:06:41
ZavBass Thanks a lot !! ;) I can perfectly resend you the compliment !!! ;)
And yeah, for sure, Moonchild is a priceless singer lady, no doubt about that <3
Une toute belle ligne de basse, Xav', qui s'accorde parfaitement avec le reste.+1
August 05 2017 19:54:49
ZavBass Merci beaucoup, il faut dire que l'inspiration vient très vite avec un chant comme celui là et une petite ligne de gratte toute légère avec un très beau son ... forcément après c'est "easy" quoi ^^ +1
Cool bass line,welcome¡¡ :) ;)+1
August 05 2017 19:56:30
ZavBass Thank you very much ;)
Now I nearly feel like home :D
nice job - welcome! How do you like the M2500? I'm a big G&L bass guy but never have had an M series+1
August 06 2017 06:23:41
ZavBass thank you very much !
I'll try to answer U ... So ! (very difficult question ^^ )
First : the M2500 US "Honey Ale" : it's my main bass, I also own a L2500 (Tribute) that I find more ... "piquant" ("spicy" ? Sorry, I'm searching my english words ^^), more rock in the spirit ... although you can also play everything with the M2500 !! (this is the point where it become so difficult to chose ^^).
And in the end the "grain" (I don't know if it's the right word in english too ?), or simplyer "the sound" is almost the same between these two beauties :)
In fact, I think that G&L has made the "M" type because some players find the switching system too complicated to "get" (/ grab ?) with the "L", this "M" model makes it possible to find a system of adjustments that is more common to other brands.
In the end I use the "L" model for everything that requires a more sliced, more brutal sound ... and model "M" if I want a more "smooth" sound, but deeply ... the two basses can be used in All styles exactly in the same way :)
The "L" model allows more sliced ​​settings (with a little more possibilities), and the "M" one finer settings (smoother settings).
And now, for example : If you ask me to choose between the two, it would simply ask me to choose between ... I don't know ... between PRINCE and DAVID BOWIE ? ... it's simply impossible ! In the end we can use both models for the same styles, it's just a matter of affinities with the switching system than anything else !! ;)
(Yeah !!!! I did it !!!! :D ^^ )
August 06 2017 13:04:47
bhunt1 thanks yes I have an L2500 and it is more brutal, gritty sound. The M is smoother. +1
Bravo! Vraiment agréable à écouter 😎+1
August 06 2017 06:25:23
ZavBass Merci beaucoup :)
D'ailleurs je me demande même si juste guitare / basse / voix ça suffit pas ? ... et d'ailleurs déjà guitare / voix c'est pas mal :D LOL
Donc encore BRAVO mon ami !! <3
Nice Bass Zav:)and welcome to the loops+1
August 07 2017 00:05:00
ZavBass Thank you :)
But Moonchild inspired me, so it was "very" easy ! ^^ :D

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