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This is a framework for a trio or quartet in the style of a jazz ballad. Made to hopefully inspire any of the many great vocalists on this site, but will work with other instrument leads as well. Piano backing - sequenced drums can be removed if wanted. [AABA][AA solo][BA]. Chords for last two bars didn't fit in the markup - they are | Bb11b9 | Ebmaj9 ||
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Jazz ballad


Gorgeous <3+0
Fabulous my friend+1
Very good ! But no keys simply in your template... Sequencer track appropriate ;-)+1
great template!<3+1
November 01 2017 17:38:21
nadrek Thanks! +0
Classy! don't know how many times I let this track looping through my ears, Perfect track for my Sunday slow machine Nadrek!+1
September 17 2017 10:46:35
nadrek Thanks aleonz. This track spawned so many great contributions. There are instrumental solos, and three different songs. My favourite would be Haddock's bass on moonchild's song #113845. :) +0
Just excellent!! Great chords and progression:)+1
September 16 2017 19:00:23
nadrek Thanks Franky :) +1
Really cool! You've clearly managed to assimilate jazz vocabulary and make it your own. A bit of Oscar Peterson in the intro and outro, a bit of Mingus in the B section, with some fantastic chord changes throughout. I hadn't come across #IV7b5 before, being more used to #IVm7b5. Some really tasty reharmonisations of the basic changes too; I love that you used a bIImaj7b5 chord to round off the vocal before the solo; you usually only get to hear that chord at the very end of a song, and here it works beautifully. The Bm7b5 leading into Bb7alt is also really crunchy. I look forward to many more tracks like these...!+1
August 28 2017 15:18:25
nadrek Thanks sheaf nice analysis. Yes the m7b5 is much more common -- it's a diatonic chord (VIIm7b5), and a m7b5 is the II in a II-V-I in a minor key. But here the A7b5 is playing the role of a passing chord. Actually it is a tritone substitution: Here the simplest passing chord to get from Eb to Ab would be Eb7. Now play Eb7 with the bass note a tritone (three tones) away from that -- A -- and you get Eb7/A, which if you leave out the Bb is exactly A7b5. These kind of tritone substitutions are there throughout all kinds of jazz, and yes in lots of Oscar Peterson's music. +1
Absolutely fantastic jazz ballad and superb playing! :)+1
Really beautiful!! :)+1
Extremly nice piano playing.+1

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