Shake Your Blood

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I recorded a cover version of one of my favorite songs. Maybe I did not exactly play the bass guitar, but I'm pretty sure it was pretty good.
Let's sing it m/
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exmore, metal, rock


:D Fantastic ! I imagine if Lemmy Kilmister singing on it ... :D+2
:) this is awesome brother is this something you have lyrics for ? either way I would love to sing on this if its ok with you :W :W+1
August 07 2017 23:40:55
Exmore Thank you! I'll send the text +1
August 07 2017 23:59:49
axenvocs thank you very much I will work on this +1
great track:)+1
Хороший кавер! Но почему нельзя????+1
August 11 2017 19:01:29
Exmore Да написал админ сайта мол боится нарушить авторские права и не хочет в случае чего платить комиссионные правообладателям. )))) +0
Looking for relief in your miserable life
You need some rock and roll
And you better get it right
Got to roll them bones,
Do everything they say
If you're cool, you're the fool.
Make it work everyday.

Rock out, make it quick
My, my, my, let it rip
Rock out, feeling good.
Break your heart. Shake your blood.

Out upon the stage, crowd is going wild,
Love to see them women, babe
I ain't in denial.
Make you crazy too. Make you show it out.
Feeling good, get some wood
You should, You knew you could

Rock out, do it now
My, my, my, show me how
Rock out, make it good.
Break your heart. Shake your blood

Want to be a winner, want to be the man.
Want to drive yourself insane,
Join up with the band
Want to fall in love, want to make your mark
Want to get out in the storm, want to break
A thousand hearts

Rock out, strike it rich
My, my, my, it's a bitch
Rock out, I knew you could
Break your heart. Shake your blood
Hey, please, do not upload cover versions to wikiloops, we do not like to get in trouble with royalty collecting agencies, thank you.+0
August 08 2017 10:43:42
Exmore ОК +0
Friends, cover versions will be available through the links in my profile. I do not want problems for wikiloops!+0
Great !! :W+0

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