Blues In The Cupboard

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I could not resist this Stupendous performance by nedrek and Glez. This brought me back to those amazing years of playing this very type of swing blues that made the hair on my neck stand up just being on the same stage with guys playing this. I used to live (in a carefree youth) to just have the opportunity to play this type of music.
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Swing, Hard Bop, sax


via wikiloops radio
wohoo, this came up on the radio ... instant smiles :)+1
January 29 2018 21:45:48
Itocpogo Thank You so much Dick, I appreciate it!!! +0
sounds great, great playing and stage :)+1
August 18 2017 16:47:29
Itocpogo Than You so much, I appreciate it! +1
Yeah-Man! Old dusty jazz club feeling here. :D This is SO awesome Dan. I Really love it.+1
August 18 2017 16:46:59
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter! I very much appreciate your very kind words! +1
excellent super swing yesssss:)+1
August 18 2017 16:49:10
Itocpogo Thank You so much for your very kind words, I appreciate it! +1
Hei Dan, I am completely amazed! You just play fantastic!!!!Big thumb from me:)+1
August 12 2017 15:51:19
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter, I appreciate your very kind words! The first time I heard this type of jazz swinging blues watching that sax player, my mouth dropped open wide, and is the sole reason I want to learn to play. This fantastic sax players in the '50s/'60s (Lester Young, Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons, Lockjaw Davis, etc) playing in front a Count Basie type band or a swinging organ quartet like Jimmy Smith was like heaven to me! +1
August 12 2017 16:05:18
Pewi Thanks for the names! Wow, that's crazy:o[youtube]sPmsYkJc5ow[/youtube] +1
August 12 2017 20:15:14
Itocpogo Yeah, RIGHT!! Lockjaws's face expression is like he is so calm playing outrageously fantastic "swing"!! Even after all these decades, this so EXCITES me! Thanks for posting, Peter! +0
francisco al
bom trabalho de Sax meu amigo, Itocpogo. improviso fantástico e uma execução brilhante, Itocpogo+1
August 11 2017 15:34:38
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado, Francisco! Esse tipo de blues de jazz é o motivo pelo qual eu queria aprender a jogar. Ouvir sax greats como Lester Young, Lockjaw Davis, Dexter Gordon solo em frente de grandes bandas como Count Basie, Duke Elington e grupos de quartetos de órgãos como Jimmy Smith, fizeram com que o cabelo no meu pescoço se estreitasse com a excitação. Nadrek e Glez tão perferly trouxe de volta esse som e sentimento que eu amei há muitas décadas. +0
August 14 2017 04:18:03
francisco al
francisco al você ouviu só musico bom. eu também escuto muito e gosto muito +1
August 18 2017 16:50:58
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado Francisco! Eu aprecio muito suas palavras muito gentis! +0
Is it your "comfort zone" cause that's really class jazz playing+1
August 11 2017 15:23:24
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, I appreciate your very kind words! +0
Simply outstanding. This is why I love the Sax!!!:)+1
August 10 2017 15:47:12
Itocpogo Thank You so very much for your very kind words, I appreciate it! +0
yeah a big WOOW this is really cool sax Itocpogo,sax is one of my favorite instrument,one i really like is Jan Garbarek,have you heard him...:W:W:W+1
August 10 2017 15:46:29
Itocpogo Of course, Jan is a Fantastic musician. He plays all the saxes. For me he is pure Jazz especially since he brings his Norwegian roots to his playing. I love his sharp edged tone, especially on tenor sax The following his performance with Keith Jarret in the 1970's
The following is his 2010 Masterful artistry in 2010:
For me he filled the void after the death of John Coltrane. Jan is "dedicated" to always exploring for new ways to express music and I feel he has been successful with his very long performing and composing career.
But is this a jazz record of Impulse? No is a jazz jam that has nothing to envy the great jazz school! Dan you are extraordinary for phrasing, insertion times, variations ....WoW!! My respect to you and for all of you! :)+1
August 10 2017 15:10:37
Itocpogo Thank You so much Stef for such very kind words! I am so humbled by your detailed listening! This type of jazz swing blues is why I wanted to play and always excited my emotions overtime I heard it! In the 1960's I was in heaven listening to great tenor sax players solo behind bands like Count Basie, Duke Ellington and organ players like Jimmy Smith! +1
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