Rock-a-police. Man. Sting it.

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well this sort of reminds me of a Police styled tune with some Dubish(NOT Rubbish--well Maybe) Guitar, Some Rock and Some 'Ole Down Home GemmyF cookin' THE TURQUISE part(on the wave file) is Amajor--Can't seem to alter it HD TRACK Drums ONLY


francisco al
muito bom meu amigo, GemmyF. guitarra e bateria muito joia, GemmyF+0
Cool Jim, good job on the drums too!+1
August 11 2017 01:41:24
GemmyF got another stain on the white jacket--I should have taken it off before this! Maybe I could paint over with some acrylic white paint! +0
August 11 2017 01:42:34
GemmyF Oh a better idea, Putting puff ink in a pattern over the whole suit--I have Flourecent pink and white--Think I'll do the white. +0
really nice - groovy :)+1
Very cool...has a 60's surf vibe for me.:D
Are you playing the drums?
August 10 2017 21:19:09
GemmyF No I programmed the drums from EZ Drummer 2--there is a Seek a Track function and while it's doing a click you can hit the drums you want(with mouse)(click on the drums on the drumset)--and then it will show something similar--but I've been grabbing the notes from the seek part that I added to and then I'll make some changes, drag that into my DAW....and once there I can adjust further plus I drag similar Tracks to what I was "Playing"--it auto quantizes it" on this one to 1/8 And the Cool(ROWDY) part was an Ending fill already built. +1
August 10 2017 21:23:30
mortheol They sound great!
I have looked at that program and that feature. It seems really cool. I may invest in it. Be nice to have when I dont have time to play for real or have to be quite:(
August 10 2017 21:31:23
GemmyF Well it comes with a certain amount of loops, and you can get add on packs--which of course has more patterns played by pros and it works with electric drums--My friend brought his over--I have played with them some--even thrown them up here, but the difference between him playing them and me is night and day!!!!!! We run them in via midi(not using the built in drum sounds of the E Drums--as these sounds on the EX Drummer are really cool! I used the Vintage Rock sound Kit (called Roll in the selection in the Vintage Rock drum sounds) Since You know how to drum and already think like a drummer(which I don't) you could really utilize it...I think I spent $380 for the extra plus the program. +1
August 10 2017 21:38:28
mortheol Yeah, I think it would be a nice addition to my Yamaha Ekit. Sounds like a winter project for me.
Thanks for the info Jim:)
August 10 2017 20:46:21
GemmyF Thanks:)! and for the listen!:Y +0
Great sounds Gemmy :)+1
The Police is comin´. :o Very cool Jim. I think Roxanne stands so close to me ! ;) :D+1
August 10 2017 20:45:41
GemmyF She might have fleas! Watch out!:D +1
August 10 2017 20:47:19
adu :o:o:o:P:D +1
August 10 2017 20:58:03
GemmyF I'm sure the Police staion has them, don't ask me why, but I do!:D +1
August 10 2017 21:05:02
adu I didn´t know that the fleas are wanted by the police! B) Joke aside, you did it so well! :) +1
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