After The Mankind

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Sorry for the long track friends. Unfortunately I think this will be happen. Enjoy the the ride :)
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Fusion, Ambiant, Metal, or so


Super work, franky - very interesting!+1
December 25 2017 09:43:30
frankyguitar Thank you very much Midoru! I really appreciate your listen and comment. It's a difficult track to listen and very long. Merry Christmas my friend :) +0
This is EPIC Franky !!!
I really like how you carry the serious vibe throughout but each if the three movements each transition you through different emotions. From nonchalant to serious to hopefullness.
A masterful work my friend !!! Fantastic my friend :) :)
August 15 2017 13:44:20
frankyguitar Thanx so much Rob, a very nice compliment my friend. It took some time to do all this different sounds and bring the ideas together. :) +1
francisco al
ótima produção, frankyguitar. guitarra bateria sequência. solo e harmonia, tudo bem colocado, frankyguitar. essa faixa é bem grande 7 minutos chegando ao meio. agora 10 minutos. Agora me lembrei de uma piada: um fazendeiro tinha muitas cabeças de gado, o fazendeiro vendia o gado por hora e minutos. o comprador dizia: eu quero 20 minuto de gado. o fazendeiro dizia: saindo 20 minuto de gado. O musico frankyguitar diz: saindo 13minuto e 37 segundo de musica. final: 14 minutos e 27 segundo pra começar outra vez+1
August 15 2017 13:34:44
francisco al
frankyguitar Este é um comentário maravilhoso e pensativo, meu amigo. Meus mais sinceros agradecimentos a Francisco. :) +0
August 15 2017 12:04:45
frankyguitar :W Thanx very much for listening and Wow !!
Poignant, timely, and epic. A modern "Classical" tone poem in three movements.+2
August 13 2017 16:25:48
frankyguitar This is a great compliment Wade, thank you so much!! +1
Man, you captured the moment we are living in my friend. Such great work. A masterpiece!!!!!!<3
Let's put the musicians in charge of things and we'd all be much better off:)
August 12 2017 21:41:41
frankyguitar Keith my friend, I mostly appreciate your fine and thoughtful comment you always have for my little music. Thank you so much :) :) +1
Incredible story reflected in a musical, quite real,fantastic Job Franky <3+1
August 12 2017 21:35:47
frankyguitar I'm so happy you like it Xavi! Unfortunately I have a high affinity to longer tracks, thanx so much for listening und your thoughtful comments my friend. :) +1
August 13 2017 00:56:46
ivax Fantastic Franky :D I love your vision +0
yeah wow franky this is really GREAT as i say to Rons add
First you make me almost fall asleep, and then you scare the life's shit out of me, and then everything is beautiful again,BRAVO...;););)
August 12 2017 21:32:42
frankyguitar I'm really a bit proud about your words Nils, thank you very much! ;) :) +1
Wow Franky .. das ist aber ganz großes Kino!! Super stark.. Congrats for this one, my friend!!! Tief gezogener Hut!!!+1
August 12 2017 21:29:39
frankyguitar Vielen vielen Dank Pat !! Irgendwie stehen wir ja immer am Abgrund. Mal mehr mal weniger, ich befürchte eines Tages wird irgend ein Idiot einen winzigen Schritt zu weit gehen. Irgendwie ist es meine Natur zu versuchen soetwas in Musik zu übersetzen. +1
Klasse Stück franky, habe es mir in aller Ruhe angehört und folgende Zeilen kamen mir dabei in den Sinn:


Homo sapiens
Herr über alles
die Krone der Schöpfung


entwickelt sich
ackert und züchtet
macht die Erde Untertan


Kunst, Kultur,
Literatur, Musik, Humor,
Geiz, Neid, Mord, Krieg,

© uloisius 2017

Tausend Dank für die Musik der ich lauschen durfte und für die Inspiration die du mir damit geschenkt hast ;o)
August 12 2017 21:22:25
frankyguitar Das ist wunderbar Uli! Großartige Worte und es ist ein tolles Gefühl das ich Dich inspirieren konnte!!
Ich danke Dir :)
August 13 2017 08:37:18
Uloisius Vielen Dank für deine Rückmeldung franky. Freut mich das dir der Text gefällt ;o) +0

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