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Have not sang or written anything lately, so decided to set down and write a country song. Hope you like it. Thanks for listening.
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this is really a touching story+1
August 12 2017 03:19:12
Don_T Thanks Twix... I love to write all kinds of songs.. helps keep the cobwebs out of my head :) +1
August 12 2017 03:21:39
twix971 well keep it up cause you got your self a new fan.;) +1
August 12 2017 03:23:23
Don_T thanks twix... from what I have been hearing, you are quite the lyricist yourself.. have been very impressed with your work :) +1
August 12 2017 03:44:06
twix971 hoping one day to write such lyrics as yours. but until then i'll keep listen to your art my bro so much talent and experience in your voice. MUCH respect on pave the way for the generations to come. we need more music and song like these<3 +1
August 12 2017 04:11:07
Don_T you can do it Twix.. just write about things you know and understand... then toss those out, and write about situations you cannot quite figure out, and you will be producing songs that amaze you :) +0
again a great Song Don!!! Thanks for the translation<3:)+1
August 12 2017 13:15:09
Don_T Thanks Rene... have not written for a while, so it was time :) You are most welcome for the translation.. thanks go to Ulo for showing me how :) +0
yeah thas a very very cool country song Don_T and a very good text...:)<3:)+1
August 12 2017 22:51:04
Don_T Thanks Nils... felt good to write something again :) +1
Fantastic Don :D <3+1
August 12 2017 22:50:30
Don_T Thanks Mi Amigo :D +1
Great playin', singing' and lyrics-love it all buddy:)
August 12 2017 22:36:11
Don_T Thanks Keith... so glad you like it my friend :) +1
awesome Don!+1
August 12 2017 22:35:37
Don_T Thanks Bro... hadn't written in a while due to a lot of work, but finally got some time to do something I love :) +1
Another one for my Poppa D cd! :)
Love, love, love this.
August 19 2017 02:57:51
Don_T Thanks Kiddo, have to just get back to the roots sometimes :) +1
Excellent old school!!!+1
October 10 2017 11:18:30
Don_T Thanks Ron... Old school seems to be making a come back :) +1
just found this one Don, isn't this lovely :)+1

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