The Porcelain Man

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Hello Wikiloopers, Here is an experimental template. Any add is welcome. If you ever want the template without drums, just tell me. Hope that all is ok for you. It's already been one year since I visit you on wikiloops... ! So happy I am to know you all. Thanks to Dick too. This title goes to you Dick. Have a nice summer. Agnèsss
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celtic harp


ça m'étonne vraiment, évidemment on était absent d'ici nous deux au même temps pour un an :) Je suis heureux d'avoir trouvé toi, Carol et ta musique.+1
September 27 2017 23:52:37
Caroljoyce I will tell you the same as to PJE : welcome to here, and nice to meet you. I'm so happy too to have found wikiloops and all of you, so good musicians. I'm very surprised about my own improvements thanks to all of you. +0
Beautiful how have I missed you until now👏😎+1
August 31 2017 18:04:43
Caroljoyce So nice to meet you. Thank you very much for these encouraging words. +1
I like the drums -very nice. You are one of my favorites, welcome back!+1
August 24 2017 00:37:22
Caroljoyce Hello T... ? Tom ? what's your first name in fact ? Thank you very much. I feel highly honored with this comment. Hope I won't disappoint you with my next song... I feel under pressure now ! lol :D +0
August 24 2017 03:27:50
tbrock Terry. Never disappointed in music, except RAPP!!! +1
hi dear, great !! modern & romatic :)+1
August 24 2017 00:31:26
Caroljoyce Dear Andrea, lots of hugs to you, my romantic friend. +1
What a beautiful composition of you!+1
August 24 2017 00:30:28
Caroljoyce Thank you very much Peter. Always here my friend with sweet words. Your kindness fills my heart with encouragement for my next jams. +0
Beautiful Agnes:)<3
The drums are a nice and tastefully done touch;)
August 24 2017 00:26:50
Caroljoyce Hello Ron ! Very nice to read you. It's been a long time... I promised you a jam. Always in my head. Time will come. +1
thank you very much for the dedication, and always a treat to hear you play :)+1
August 24 2017 00:24:48
Caroljoyce Thank you "Boss" ! ;) ... for the listen... and for the comment. +0
Hi Agnes:)welcome back,and with a beautiful track too<3+1
August 24 2017 00:15:12
Caroljoyce Hi Pete. Thank you. Yes, back with some new recording skills, as I recently followed mixing training... I really felt the need to do that. Hope all is ok for you Pete. +1
a really good one Caroljoyce,3 very this time...;)+1
August 24 2017 00:06:38
Caroljoyce Wow, really ? I won those 3 "very" from you. So glad, you can't see me, but I'm jumping for joy ! Yeah ! +1
Hey Agnes, this is a very nice combination with the drums. Mellowness with a nice beat, SUPER. Relaxed song Madame :)+1
August 24 2017 00:03:16
Caroljoyce Hi Franky, thanks for the comment. Mellowness is good for you and for your little heart of cotton my dear pacifist friend ! +1
August 24 2017 10:02:09
frankyguitar You are so right!I get up too fast about all the idiots in the world. And I am sad when I think about the future of mankind. I hope I am dear friend :) +1

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