The Beauty in You (Voice & Bass)

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-- WIKILOOPS JAZZ CLUB -- As if we are in a jazz club ... the concert stops and pauses ... only the singer and the basssit player make a version of a wonderful nadrek´s jam (#113033) To live that experience I have mixed two tracks, Devin 's voice (HD tracks #113460) and my own version of the bass (HD tracks #113172), I made a few editing adjustments with volume leveling, wave compression and effect of proximity microphone on the voice of ...


Nice one Mario. I also have a drum-less version of the piano if it is any use to anyone.+1
August 15 2017 20:02:09
GlezBass Thanks nadrek!! The drummers will be attentive to it, you have to think about them, since they think of us with their magnificent templates on the drums ... :) +1
August 15 2017 20:04:21
nadrek A few weeks ago I could start a new track with main mix piano and drums, and HD mix just piano, but the new (awesome) site doesn't support this. What's the best way to do this? Have the original with piano and drums, and then post a remix with just piano? +1
August 15 2017 20:08:49
GlezBass In most cases it is published in the same tree of the jams, the version with the instrument that you want to eliminate, in this case with the vesion "No drums" sometimes asked by the loopers publicly or by internal chat, this is usually do to keep some order +1
August 15 2017 20:11:21
GlezBass Another possible option would be to publish in the HD tracks only the piano line in case someone wants to download it in their vesion no drums, although the first one seems clearer to me for future loopers and this is usually done +1
this is very very cool Mario...:WB):W+1
August 15 2017 20:00:01
GlezBass Thanks so much Nils +1
Wow 😎+1
August 15 2017 09:19:40
GlezBass Thanks B427 :D +0
Woah, Mario! I dig this a lot, right on :D What a sound!....+2
August 15 2017 09:23:16
GlezBass A new version to this awesome jam, more intim, more acoustic and in turn open to new loopers. Without other additions I think it sounds good, as in the intimate versions in a jazz club ... Thanks Devin :D +1
Really like this as it's a lot like those duets between bass and sax. It's all that you hear between those two notes and the way our minds fill in all the other details that makes it art.+1
August 15 2017 01:11:53
GlezBass Thanks Wade +1
Fantastico! :P+2
August 15 2017 00:07:46
GlezBass Thanks Franco :) +0
smooth as ever:)+1
August 15 2017 00:07:03
GlezBass Thanks PJE :) +1
francisco al
boa linha de baixo e bom acompanhamento em harmonia. bom trabalho, Mario+1
August 15 2017 00:06:36
francisco al
GlezBass obrigado +0
Very cool. Nice smokey feeling.+1
August 14 2017 20:52:36
GlezBass Thanks habersack, material for drummers... enjoy ;) +1

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