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New Zealand
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Last jam with Chris (on guitar) at Walsh River. Obviously no plan so something out of nothing? Timing is all over the place, not much musical about it...has feeling?


Some good Sax Wade!:D+1
September 07 2017 21:38:39
Wade Hey Gemmy man. Good to hear from you. Glad you like. +1
I am a fan of quirky music and you made it work here in all kinds of good ways.+1
September 03 2017 21:44:15
Wade Hey Bothen. I'm sticking by my contention that if I can't play well I can at least play "differently". Glad you like. +1
great :)+1
September 03 2017 21:42:29
Wade Cheers abuitremorem! Glad you like. +0
Nice jam. I like it :)+1
August 22 2017 04:55:59
Wade Lacking some musical basics, but glad that something comes through as OK. +1
This is quite fantastic!:)+1
August 20 2017 21:14:14
Wade Glad you can listen beyond the rhythmic chaos. The hope was that the feel would carry it. See you soon! +0
Wade, Here breathes Blues to full lungs! I love your skilful way of shaping the sound! Bending with the sax? Yes! You do it as a solo guitarist (0:39 ...). You get a new perspective and dimension to your sax sound! One can only love him! I also appreciate the excellent work of the acoustic guitar of Chris!+1
August 20 2017 21:11:43
Wade Almost didn't post this one as it's so unmusical in so many ways. Just seems that whenever I post a live jam that others get the feel of that live interaction and tend to forgive the inconsistencies of the tempo and little goofs. Glad you like. +1
August 20 2017 21:52:24
Stef In a blues jam with acoustic guitar and sax the tempo passes in second order for me. Judgment is about what you do and the feeling you can pull out of your sax. That's what counts. +1
Very cool session here Wade !!!+1
August 20 2017 07:35:46
Wade Thanks Whitepongo. Got a kick out of seeing your youtube. Glad you like this one...although it's a bit out of whack. +1
Totally weird & totally awesome...
Hard to do better than that !See you in a few days ? ;)
August 20 2017 07:32:34
Wade Oh yea! Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Hopefully I'll be a bit over the jet-lag by then. +1
I like this. It sounds like a movie with Tom Waits in it, walking about with no clear sense of direction, but that's just the point the sax is trying to make...great jam.+1
August 20 2017 00:18:23
Wade Really like the point your hinting at: making sense out of nonsense...or maybe just accentuating the nonsense? +0
August 20 2017 01:46:27
bluesdog Actually I just realized this piece is about getting drunk slowly, right before you totally lose your sense of direction...and you don't know what comes next. Pete's bass adds to the feeling, and I like that... +1
August 20 2017 21:16:35
Wade Wasn't alcohol...Chris is a dedicated grower who continually samples his wares ...quality control I'm told...the result speaks for itself. +0
August 21 2017 01:01:29
bluesdog Absolutely. You can hear it in every single note, that heroic effort to make sense of apparent nonsense, and the result is awesome. +1
Great duo again !! Awesome work you both !!
Brilliant collab :)
August 19 2017 22:53:28
Wade Can be challenging to find a fit when thing are so "loose". +0

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