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Description: Hello Loopers. Been out for almost a 5 months and I just felt sorry for myself. During those months of absence here I was inspired by these new band "polyphia", so just this week, I somehow came up with a tune. Can't say if this track sounds like it or just the other. So here it is. It's an instrumental guitar track so my guitar is really busy. I am so sorry guitar players and soloist in general. This one needs ...
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Dream Theater, Polyphia, Prog Metal


Very cool ! :) Thumbs up kennyadry , great skills ! :)+1
August 22 2017 02:59:56
kennyadry Thanks Inkless! I made a mistake of putting the click!hahaha +1
nice guitar work!!!!!:)+1
August 22 2017 04:31:40
kennyadry Thanks a lot JJDF! +0
I've so missed you! Great to hear you back with us and producing this epic track.+1
August 22 2017 04:31:28
kennyadry Thank you Wade! I've always wanted to go back and jam with you guys! Sooner! +1
wow!!! great track, I like it:)+1
August 22 2017 04:30:43
Lenny Cowler
kennyadry Thanks a lot Lenny! Glad you like it :) +1
Really nice 😁 congratulations 👏+1
August 23 2017 02:00:11
kennyadry Thanks a lot :) +0
So great hearing you again my friend :)
This is an Awesome piece of music !! :)
August 23 2017 02:00:01
kennyadry Thank you so much Rob! :) +1
Awesome Kenny glad you are back my friend 👌😎+1
August 23 2017 01:59:45
kennyadry Glad you like it Peter! +1
Come back Kenny!! oh yeah :) Amazing template+1
August 23 2017 01:59:32
kennyadry Thanks a lot Mario! +1
Fantastic epic track Kenny! Great tecnique and Satriani sound! :)+1
August 23 2017 01:59:15
kennyadry Thank you so much Stef! :D +1
WoooW!! :)+1
August 23 2017 01:58:55
kennyadry B) +1

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