Big FAT Wallet

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frankyguitar663 jams
step I
United States
Drums, Bass & Guitar:
mortheol395 jams
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What a great template Frank!!:D Thanks my Friend:) Frank offered up this track minus his drum track for some real drums so I took the opportunity. I gave his original template more of a "Rock Beat". I then added the bass groove. I followed with some additional rhythm guitar in the 1st part and in the 2nd part has some lead guitar:) I hope you Enjoy...!!
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Progressive Rock, Fusion


awesome Ron...:W:W:W+2
September 02 2017 20:54:48
mortheol Thanks Nils:)
A fantastic template from Franky:D
Great Work Ron and a super solo!!!!!!!! i like it very much:)+2
September 02 2017 20:55:26
mortheol Thanks so much Rene:)
Our friend Franky is the real mastermind here:D
Ha, thats really Great Ron !! Excellent sound , super dive bombs :W :W your start in the second Part is just genius!! Great play and excellent sound you choose, perfect !! Killer lead playing Ron, man this rocks :W Your drums are so good, much better as this programmed stuff and I really like your bass!! Your following is excellent and great bass sound too!!!
Overall a Fantastic add you did Ron, thank you very very much my friend!! :)
September 02 2017 20:57:29
mortheol Frank, Thanks SO Much!!! It makes me very happy you approve of my version:)
Please keep making these great templates:D
September 08 2017 14:44:50
frankyguitar Babe, I forgot somethig, but don't
know what it was... ahh, damn the thumb :D
September 02 2017 20:58:10
mortheol Thanks David!:)
I owe it all to Frank on this one for the great template:D
francisco al
muito bom trabalho, mortheol+2
September 02 2017 20:58:40
francisco al
mortheol Thanks so much Francisco:) +0
Fantastic Ron :D+1
September 02 2017 05:45:43
mortheol Thanks Xavi my good Friend:D
A wonderful piece of music from Franky:)
crazy good <3+2
September 02 2017 05:44:55
mortheol Vielen Dank:D +1
Fabricio L
Very cool! Specialy the 2part :D+2
September 02 2017 04:46:00
Fabricio L
mortheol Thanks Fabricio:)
I have one of yours coming I have been working on;)
September 02 2017 05:26:50
Fabricio L
Fabricio L :D :D :D +1
September 02 2017 05:27:34
Fabricio L
mortheol On it's way:D +2
I now know what you played on guitar--2 parts that really work!:Y:W+2
September 02 2017 04:46:14
mortheol :D +1
Nice Drums! Especially when you go after it!
Can't discern which guitar you're on! Both they Play good together! Really like the 2nd part! Really cool!:Y Real complete phat sound here!
September 02 2017 04:41:49
mortheol Thanks Jim!:)
I spent most of the week on this one getting it right. A lot going here. I am sitting in the left channel in the 1st part with the rhythm guitar, the 2nd half my lead floats from left to center. If you listen to the original you'll hear I really changed it with my drum beat.
September 02 2017 04:44:27
GemmyF Like I said a real complete sound!:W<3 +1

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