Let There Be Drums

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**EDIT** Added HD track which has been tightened up more to reduce the flamming. There's less reverb too and the backbeat brought forward in the mix. I've started playing with myself again.... Anyway, yes this is overdubbed. A simple, repeating triplet tom line which adds toms as it goes (twice in fact as I'm only using three toms). After recording that, rewind and overdub a building backbeat. Turns out playing with myself involves an awful lot of timing edits to try and keep ...
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Chester Thompson, Phil Collins


Extremely Cinematic!+0
I'm not really good at giving a technical review but, I really love the energy of this track Martin, solid play!+1
Awesome groove Martin! Your building of the track is absolutely great! The hi-hat is tight and keeps it going while the toms gave that rounder feel! Real cool! :) :) :)+1
Thanks for the compliments, everyone. I've now added an HD track. This has less reverb on it, the backbeat has been brought forward in the mix and I've been through and tightened up the two tracks to reduce the 'flamming' that was happening. Which was driving me potty, in truth.

It will still line up with any existing adds should anyone want to remix it - just replace the previous download with the HD one and you shouldn't need to change anything else. :)
Great drumin' man :) the pulse and sound in your tom's playin fantastic+1
What a great and valuable talent you bring to the loops Martin your ❤️ beat pulses steady through everything you play so excellently well👌🙏🏻😎+1
September 08 2017 14:25:40
mpointon Thank you - you're too kind!

The tom line illustrates perfectly, for me, the critical importance of the dynamics in the beat and is the very foundation of my playing.

Breaking it down, I'm really just constantly playing quaver triplets on my second lowest tom from beginning to end. The first 8 bars of the track are just that, the accents bringing the rhythm to life.

From there, it's more of the same but moving the accents between the other two toms as the track progresses. But I'm still just playing those triplets.

Even after all my years of playing, it still amazes me how playing something so technically simple (the constant triplet) can sound so dynamic.
September 08 2017 14:45:06
PJE Appreciate you breaking it down and agree it's so effective 👌😎 +0
The natives are indeed restless. Bound to get some outstanding adds.+1
Superb rock track my friend !!+1
Love the rolling tom work and the steady HH, it's Martin Baker! Ginger Pointon? :D Great stuff, good work! :W+1
If someone added a bad ass bagpipe part here, I'd die of happiness...+1

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