Busker's blues

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United States
acoustic Guitar:
PeterVeillon960 jams
step I
Ernie4402211 jams
step II
New Zealand
Wade440 jams
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+ 20
A great track from Peter Veillon and Ernie440. Another one from the vault.


So cool!! :) :)+1
February 14 2018 03:00:33
Wade Hey Frenzie, you've been doing some digging! Thanks man. +1
You draw the lovely line here Wade, smoothen up this track in such a wonderful way! love it!+1
September 23 2017 20:38:22
Wade Alice, you are so kind to give this a listen and comment. I do often wonder about using the sopranino as the pitch is so high it can seem to scream over the top of everything. Very reassuring to know it sounds OK to you. +0
More from the vault please! (This is how I imagine it....)
September 22 2017 20:51:52
Wade Thanks G.E. They will pop up fairly regularly, especially when I'm not currently playing/recording much. Haven't recorded a track to post here (other than the Norway jam) since early August. May not record for a while until I stop coughing (not a good look or sound while trying to record). +0
My 10 yr old son just started learning alto sax in school. I really dig your sound. You play rather smooth. I will definitively replay this track over and over+1
September 23 2017 20:40:06
Wade Thanks Peter. Have sent you a PM. Of course it's all due to your fine template. Happy to go busking with you anytime. +0
francisco al
ótimo trabalho de Sax, Wade+1
September 23 2017 20:39:45
francisco al
Wade Cheers Francisco! So good of you to give a listen. +0
Lenny Cowler
awesome bro:)+1
Cant help but wonder what else contained in that vault :)
Wonderful Mr. Wade
September 22 2017 04:07:32
Wade There's always a bunch, some may never see the light of day. Others may pop up in the other memberships I hide behind. As a jammer I record many more than I can post back (most of the time). I know that there just isn't that much interest in sax tracks compared to the mainstream instruments. That's also the reason for multiple memberships. +1
September 22 2017 06:50:16
FrankieJ Kind of surprising to me that there is not that much interest.
Maybe that is a age group thing here.
Although I never worked with a sax player over the years due to genre
choices I always liked a good sax solo.
I fell in love with the solo on Pink Floyd's "Us and Them" back when that album came out guessing 1973/1974.
Still love to listen to that today.
September 22 2017 20:48:11
Wade I think the majority of players here divide into two main groups: Those who are looking for tracks to play with, and those who want to hear what others playing the same instrument are doing. The sax doesn't fit into either of these. Another rarer group are those who just want to listen to music for the sheer joy.

Well there is still another group, the facebook thumb for reciprocal thumbs (no need to listen!). Sorry if that seems a bit negative...just an unfortunate reality.
September 22 2017 22:38:13
FrankieJ A science to everything I suppose.
I am always looking for tracks to play with but am equally interested in what other guitarists are doing.
I think creating templates brings the most joy for me :)
September 22 2017 22:40:10
Wade Wrong! Your templates bring much more joy to me! Ha! +1
September 22 2017 22:51:49
FrankieJ :P:D +1
Oh. It's amazing how your sax is little in volume but I can easily hear it teasing my ears. Sax on a rock acoustic is as good as bacon and cheese in the morning :) <3+1
September 22 2017 04:04:56
Wade Thanks Kenny. I was trying to run between backing and yet have some melodic hints in there...waiting for a real lead to step up. +0
it's so nice Wade to hear your sax floating and weaving in and out through this rocky bluesy track with Peter and Ernie :)+1
September 21 2017 23:34:56
Wade Would have hoped that it would entice you to join in. Purposely sitting back in the mix to allow a "real" lead to come in. Thanks Shi. +1
Your wrapping sound is the great added value to this solid Blues base! Your gorgeous and personal phrasing with exotic nuances wraps perfectly into this rock blues groove!+2
September 21 2017 23:33:57
Wade This track was a bit of an experiment. How to play a contrasting line that's not quite a melody and not to far "in front" leaving room for others. +1

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