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I made this little pop-rock ballad for this great drum track. I think maybe some of you could use it for making jam improvisations, solos, themes or maybe a song for it. I hope you will like. THX for listening. Peter.
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Pop ballad


so beautiful man:Y:):Y+1
September 22 2017 19:00:38
Peterpingo Thank you very much Mike. I´m so glad you like. :) +0
Can be called "mud free". Very clear recording :)+1
September 22 2017 19:01:37
Peterpingo Thank you so much Neronick. I´m glad you like it. :) +0
WoW Peter! Wonderful ballad and arrangement! Elegance and taste! So good! :)+1
September 22 2017 19:03:28
Peterpingo Thank you so much Stef. Your words and compliment means a lot to me. So glad you like. Thx my friend. :) +1
a wonderful ballad you did here Peter well done...;)+1
September 22 2017 19:04:08
Peterpingo Thank you Slin. Glad you like the tune. :) +1
Very Nice:)+1
September 22 2017 19:04:41
Peterpingo Thank you very much PECA. :) +0
I like this very much, Peter! You mad a soundtrack that entices us to try to make an add that can be worthy! You remind me of the talent of composers/arrangers like Henry Mancini!+1
September 22 2017 19:11:00
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. I´m so glad you like and to read your words. I guess I´m kind of a little romantic when it comes to rock-ballads. Hehheh. As a matter of a fact Mancinis theme from Love Story was one of the first songs I tried to play on a piano when I had learned a few chords. :DB) Thank you so much Dan. +0
Lovely ballad Peter :)+1
September 22 2017 19:26:03
Peterpingo Thanks very much Frankie. I´m so glad you like. :) +1
Very cool ballad Peter... has a touch of Randy Rhoads who was one of my heros :) :W !!!+1
September 23 2017 00:33:22
Peterpingo Thank you so much Bruce. I´m very glad you like. I´m honoured you mention Randy Rhoads. In my opinion some of the greatest rock ballads in the world are actually made by hard rock bands. :) +0
Fantastic Peter :D great,great job,beautiful amigo <3+1
September 23 2017 13:49:30
Peterpingo Thank you very much Xavi. I´m so glad you like amigo. ;) +1
Beautiful ballad song Peter! got that classic touch which is so lovely :)+1
September 24 2017 17:54:16
Peterpingo Thank you very much Alice. I guess my background as a music teacher witch had a little classical theory now and then shows when I make music. :) I´m so glad you like. +0
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