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Nice improvisation and playing! I'm sure, if you would use some recording-equipment and software (like audacity) the mood of this track would be more intense. But nevertheless, great playing! ...and welcome to the loops!+0
I'm with gnoerrys comment on the recording quality... but one can tell you are a good player mate! like the tune & welcome to wikiloops!+0
Same as Dick/Gnoerre, the quality is pretty bad.

i can only recommend Audacity, its a great software and its 100% free. just google it, and you should be good to go with software.

For hardware, i can recommend Behringer UC6102 it's a really cheap Guitar/USB interface and i use it myself. =]

It's a nice improvisation, i am really bad at improvising myself. so good job! i know how 'hard' it can be haha!

i like the mood and atmosphere of this song =]
Many a thanks guys

I used a Greg Bennett Samick av-1 guitar, amp is laney-lx12. I recorded the output using a Samsung smartphone voice recorder.

I do have the audacity. The learning curve is rather steep.
will look at Behringer. Do you guys have any suggestions as how to record directly from an amp. Will be much appreciated.

have fun


Welcome to wikiloops.
sounds like you have play the backing loud, play you guitar to this and record both together on a new track.
OK, I try a short instruction:
First you have to load the backing track as one track in audacity. If your amplifier has a "line out" you can go directly in your PC, if not, you have to use a Micro for PC for the amp. then you can play the backing track in audacity and hear it with headphone. at the same time you can record the new track. and then you are able to mix this both together
Have fun
Thanks Guys. Been away for a while. I am currently experimenting with your suggestions. Will get back when it turns out ok+0
like everyone says recording is played way load+0

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