Funkier Than Thou

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Drums & Bass:
nadrek198 jams
step I
United States
Itocpogo480 jams
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Nadrek created more than a super cool funk foundation with a funk drum pattern with a jazz fusion edge. I believe my add would be more in a pop funk mode with the adds of keys, vocals, guitar. I found it so challenging because for me it had such a wonderful jazz fusion edge. I added 1:10-1:45, 2:09-2:54, 3:46-4:00
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Jazz, Fusion, sax


I agree with Stef: A Fantastic addiction!:)+1
October 01 2017 17:46:10
Itocpogo Thank You so much my friend for your gracious comment! +1
Sharp and precise Dan. Excellent track!!+1
September 30 2017 17:48:30
Itocpogo Thank You so much Ron, I appreciate it! +0
Fabulous jazz number Dan! So inspired! Cool double reinforcement lines! Fantastic addiction! :)+2
September 30 2017 17:21:33
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!, I appreciate your very gracious comment! +1
great work!!! fantastic playing my friend Dan!!! :) ;)+1
September 30 2017 17:19:29
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, I so appreciate it my friend! +0
This reminds me of Bitches Brew. Super cool.+1
September 30 2017 17:18:58
Itocpogo Thank You so very much! I appreciate it! Bitches Brew was the start of the next fusion direction by Miles Davis, real great album! +1
Frank Zappa man! :D+1
September 30 2017 17:17:04
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Ake! I am honored just to be mentioned in same sentence with Frank Zappa! +0
francisco al
lindas frases, Itocpogo. muito bom trabalho, Itocpogo+1
September 30 2017 17:15:55
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado, Francisco, eu aprecio isso! +0
Oh yeah Dan, great jazz fusion sax line, very good !! :)It´s notice that you have heard a lot of jazz ;)+1
September 30 2017 17:14:15
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Glez! I appreciate your gracious comment. Yes, I always listened to a lot of Jazz. When I was in my teens there were no transcriptions of great sax players solos, so I tried to copy of the records. Almost Impossible to copy Parker, Rollins, Getz but I had some luck learning Gene Ammons licks. But for me it took forever to absorb an acceptable jazz vocabulary. What is so helpful is in the 90's jazz transcriptions were being published and with my first purchase os sax greats I realized how much more I needed to learn. +1
September 30 2017 22:20:34
GlezBass I do not know how much I can play in jazz, I only do it as a self-taught, "without method", without transcriptions, without academic structure, but from listening to jazz certain forms of playing are absorbed in the measure of the technical limitations of each instrument I'm not a great flamenco rhythmist, I only play by intuition and hearing ...) the end result is at least audible in both cases :D +0
September 30 2017 17:06:44
Itocpogo Thank You very much, I appreciate it! +0
Dan, this is fantastic. Your sound worlds are magical. I love your Sax :)+1
September 30 2017 17:06:16
Itocpogo Thank You so much Rene! I am so honored with your gracious comment! +0

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