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Spanish/Mexican Feel Easy Guitar Start Track Light Drums and or Percussion would be nice. Acoustic Bass sound in order Additional Accompanying Acoustic Guitar/ or Light Electric. A Nice Vocal would help Complete the Idea. Frank2654 Help Finish it .
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Spanish, Flamingo, World, Ballad, Acoustic


francisco al
ficou ótimo. bom trabalho de violão, FRANK2654+0
cool :)+1
great acoustic:Y do you happen to know the tempo?+0
September 30 2017 23:18:34
FRANK2654 Mike...
I think the Tempo is already Established by the Rhytym of the Guitar Track.
If You Mean the Beats Per Minute then I suggest Either Counting a beat out or

I'm 'Old School'
A Song is Either
Very Slow or
Very Fast or
Somewhere In between
I Leave the BPM's up to the Drummer or Pecussionist.
If Need Help Playing Along to Music Without Being able to Figure Out a Tempo...then Maybe this will Help you.
I count out 64 beats per minute
September 30 2017 23:28:17
Mikebanez i am also old school. why i was asking hope to get a hint;) +0
September 30 2017 23:31:45
FRANK2654 Another Good Read Is This :

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