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© 2015 Obscure | Vita rock drums - MusicMaker 13th vst | Mono rhythm & leads - Vandal Motorcore + Rawstack preset - Unplugged acousticG - 95db 8.5mb - main & backup 0:35 - stacked + middle 1:30 - break 2:15 - obscure theme 2:50 | looking for stereo rhythm, leads, and vocals primarily. don't dry out
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thrash, core


francisco al
super metal. bom trabalho, Supjax+0
February 18 2018 03:23:56
francisco al
SupJax :D great, once again, i thank you +0
:)awesome brutha+0
October 07 2017 15:49:57
SupJax i like to get it growing :P +0
Fabricio L
This is awesome Jax ! Very creative :W+0
October 07 2017 15:48:30
Fabricio L
SupJax and overpulled drums lol. should be nice with 2nd guitar +1
October 07 2017 15:47:05
Lenny Cowler
SupJax i hope for thrashy support :) +0
There is nobody else out there that does this technical magic like you do. I can feel the potential. Nice job Jax :W !!!+1
October 05 2017 02:38:43
SupJax 'just' a funtrack when i had no idea about amp setting or playing guitar in general. but a good recording device. good times lol :) +1
October 05 2017 02:41:33
Psycho I listened a few times, it got better each time I heard it !!!! +1
October 07 2017 15:44:24
SupJax i'm pretty sure all my songs and jams are better to the end. and i agree, it's strange the first time. feels right then +0

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