Gypsy Jazz

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Finally,this is my first remix here,after a while since i am following the Wikiloops World.For me is a beginning and still learning how to manage with new software,mics,different buttons and twisted cables :),so this is why i will allow myself any inconvenience on this remix.Thank you for listening and many thanks Arnosolo for this beautiful track here,hope the third guitar is not too much...There are never enough guitars!...
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Gypsy jazz


October 20 2017 01:04:06
Lumy : +0
Super ! Welcome to wikiloops :)+0
nice to have you with us at the loops Lumy, cool guitar there :)+1
October 12 2017 21:40:44
Lumy thank you very much...:) +1
Hey Lumy can you upload your part as a single track?;)

I mean the HD (single track) option when you upload a remix
October 11 2017 21:38:49
Lumy Ok, i know what you mean... I 'll try to make it a bit more clear and shiny with audacity, I have a few days since i start recording and everything is so complicated, except the music :)... but really, I have two left-hands when it comes to technology :( +0
October 12 2017 00:50:53
Lumy Actually ,i'm afraid my part, the single track, it was recorded using a mic plugged into my laptop, so that the solo part still has some of the original line in the background...then, we have two choses I guess, or you do whatever is in your mind and i will be happy to play along, or i will try to record it again, with no backing track, but i wont guarantee that it will be the same :) +0
Excellent Lumy and welcome aboard!!+1
October 06 2017 11:16:16
Lumy Thank you, I'm happy to be here and I'will try to pay more attention on details on the future +1
nice playing :) welcome to wikiloops !+1
October 06 2017 01:46:49
Lumy Thank you... +1
Very cool work on guitar ,welcome !! :)+1
October 06 2017 01:46:01
Lumy Thanks for listening and appreciation +1
welcome to Lumy Ark. I am very flattered that you begin your warm up with me on this little gypsy melody. In addition, I am almost a compatriot because I am half Belgian (the most festive part I think!). Your touch is perfect on top. There are probably some adjustments to be expected on the sound and the mix but this is a very promising start :D+1
October 06 2017 00:20:14
Lumy Thanks, much appreciated though, I know it will be harder work for me to deal with this technology wich,by the way mine is poorly equipped :), rather than playing along with fantastic musicians here... Oh, almost forgot... I am not Belgian, that's not black colour to my flag, is blue, I am Roumanian... not gypsy though :) +1
October 06 2017 00:24:14
ARNOSOLO Lol !! I saw the Belgium flag !
Maybe it's time for me to sleep :P

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