Yogi of the southern seas

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I'm entranced by the interaction of the wonderful sax(?) part at 0:24 with the rhythm parts. It seems to have been added by Rob but he doesn't mention it in his mix...odd! I wanted to give a feeling of breathing to this, or maybe heavy surf. "Ommmmmmmm......"


I think you're referring to the guitar sound. Like this a lot sax to eventually come?+2
October 10 2017 11:16:34
pconey Wade, I'd love to hear you join us for a jam, its long overdue!! :D +1
October 10 2017 11:57:14
Wade I'm notoriously slow at getting tracks back, so I'm afraid the wait could be a long time. +1
October 10 2017 17:30:47
GrooveEnth Yes I think you're right that it is guitar though a combination of the phrasing, timbre, and processing (with low attack) makes it sound a lot like a soprano sax to me even when I -try_ to hear it as guitar! :) Anyway, if you can add _real_ sax at your leisure, even better :) +1
Liking this alot. The slide it cool, but that tone is intriguing, how'd you get that sound, its very cool ! :)+1
October 10 2017 17:39:56
GrooveEnth Thanks Rob. It's patch on my Zoom 506 that says "PAD type synth bass sound". It's got some overdrive to it (I dialled this back a bit from the default settings but you can hear it on the first low F) as well as a touch of flange/chorus and that 'defretter' effect to my ears. The main part is just the sound straight out of the boxm, uncompressed with a slight bump at 125Hz. Then there's a lower volume copy of the same part _very_ heavily compressed (8:1) to keep the low 'drone' going in the background. And of course there's the slides and slurs and I put a *lot* of vibrato on the final note after the slide! Blimey, you would think I put of lot of thought into this but really it's just finding a sound and tweaking it and the line until I get a result I like :) Still intrigued by your lead 'sax' line. <3 +1
October 10 2017 22:33:15
RobM Yeah its the preset tone I used with my guitar. +1
fantastic Neil :D+1
October 10 2017 17:43:28
GrooveEnth Thanks Xavi - still pleased with this the next day! :) +1
Wow nice Groove :W Love the slide <3 very creative bass line+1
October 09 2017 20:30:12
GrooveEnth Wow -thanks for listening so closely WD - wasn't sure I could even hear the slide on the main riff after I eq'd it or maybe you mean the little 'sighs' like at 1:10 and 1:40 (they're my favourite parts of the bass line!) +2
October 09 2017 21:50:21
WhiteDrum55 The main riff slides come through in my monitors and headphones. Nice! +2
October 10 2017 00:06:54
GrooveEnth Ah - you must have better speakers than me. Or maybe just better ears! :) +1
October 10 2017 01:57:11
pconey Us drummers notice these little things Mr Groove! ;) +2
simmply wonderful:D:)+1
October 09 2017 19:44:21
GrooveEnth Thanks Bud :-) Just went to listen to your party-remix of "Aisle Dance" - I think this is one you need for the morning after hangover! +1
Sweet stuff Neil!! <3 :Y+1
October 09 2017 19:30:22
GrooveEnth Cheers Gil - your turn! :) +1
yeah i like that bass and the mix is very good GrooveEnth...;)+1
October 09 2017 19:04:54
GrooveEnth Thanks Slin - definitely pleased with this one. Had a feeling I wanted to re-use the 'groans' from the "The Awakening" and it ended up fitting pretty well after a bit of tweaking :) +1
francisco al
bom trabalho de baixo, GrooveEnth+1
October 09 2017 18:59:45
francisco al
GrooveEnth Obrigado, meu amigo. E obrigado por ouvir tantas dessas faixas. Estou tendo um tempo difícil manter-se com todos os comentários! :) +0
Wonderful!! Great song .. Super!+1
October 09 2017 19:03:50
GrooveEnth Thanks mate :) +0
GrooveEnth, you always do something original or unexpected - and always fits the track! It does have this other worldly peaceful vibe...perhaps a Yogi on the beach meditating?? A classic add. :)+1
October 09 2017 19:02:43
GrooveEnth Thanks Paul - that's a really great thing to hear. I always _try_ to find something that's a bit 'me' but bass in some ways is quiet a challenging instrument to do that on (at least, if you're also trying to pay lip-service to fulfilling the functional role of the instrument). Very happy with this one though. Only just realised listening back to it that the synth at the end does sound like the surf running back across a pebble beach so perfect! +1
October 10 2017 02:26:48
pconey Yes the synth sounds like surf and pebbles, but did you notice my scraping sound on the drums to mimic feet walking on sand @ 1:02? ;) +1
October 10 2017 17:45:48
GrooveEnth Ah - I'd put it down to some kind of gated reverb/distortion but yes, it is cool! :) +1
October 10 2017 17:48:29
pconey I have plenty tricks up my sleeve Mr Groove.... ;) +0

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