A Delightful Dad

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United States
Drums & acoustic Guitar:
FrankieJ344 jams
step I
New Zealand
Wade401 jams

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No secret I love FrankieJ's playing. Hope I'm not presuming too much in joining in with this sultry beautiful track. Sax comes in at 1:11


It is always a great pleasure to hear this fantastic sound of you and your sax!😎🎶+1
November 01 2017 23:00:54
Wade Thanks Peter. So much inspiration when hearing a player like Frankie. +0
Goosebump City all over, oh yes..
Kudos for adding to FrankieJ's superb template, a fine choice & one which your sax lines suit in a way to die for !!
Sounds amazing in such a nice, quiet little way. A joy..
October 14 2017 06:56:42
Wade A joy? Jenny thinks I'm a pain in the ass! Well, maybe because we are about to fly to Australia and she gets "touchy" just before we travel. Keep in contact!!! +0
Two amazing musicians complement each other! Your slow-moving phrasing all focused on the expressiveness and the wonderful Frankie arpeggio! I feel your attention and great intelligence in maintaining balance and dynamics! Fantastic Wade!+1
October 13 2017 21:42:38
Wade Stef, you always say the nicest things. If there's anything I want in playing on a track like this, it's just to be able to fit in. There's no way I could make it better, but if I'm not too distracting then it's OK. +1
Smooth, tender, soft, embracing, sublime, just lovely playing, Wade.+1
October 13 2017 21:40:43
Wade You're very kind Marc. This track certainly didn't need me, but I'm glad that you and others have enjoyed. +1
a wonderful sax Wade...;)+1
October 13 2017 21:39:56
Wade Thanks so much Nils. I thoroughly enjoy playing with such a fine player like Frankie. He certainly didn't need me, but I'm glad others are OK with my playing on his track. +1
cody tripp
October 13 2017 21:38:31
cody tripp
Wade Very kind of you. Thanks Tom. +1
Wonderful laid-back feel :)+1
October 13 2017 21:38:12
Wade I really got to watch the laid back thing...relaxing too much at my age can result in burial. Cheers G.E. +1
October 13 2017 21:49:58
GrooveEnth Yeah and even worse if they just _think_ you're dead when you were really just taking a break between solos! Just remember to keep breathing _in_ after every few notes and I'm sure you'll be fine... ;-) +1
October 14 2017 07:14:37
Wade Good advice! That, and keep warm. White, cold, and not breathing can be deadly! +1
I'm one of Frankie's fan, and also one of your fans, so listening to the two of you flowing beautifully in this track really gives a special feeling, the soft and sweetness you brought to this track really warm my heart , what a gorgeous track+1
October 13 2017 21:37:05
Wade So glad you enjoyed. Really didn't need me at all. So good on it's own, but hey, I just wanted to be in there. Thanks Alice. +0
So great Wade!! Wonderful playing again, great listening, enjoyed it very much rather!! Greetings from Hastings NZ :D+1
October 13 2017 21:35:56
Wade Greetings from Hastings? You came to New Zealand and didn't want to contact me? Too late now. I'm off to Australia for a month tomorrow (Sunday NZ time). I know you had to fly in and out of Auckland. Next time? Or, if you're still here in mid November? Cheers Franky. +0
Great Wade+1
October 13 2017 21:33:52
Wade Not sure about "great", but I certainly enjoyed. Thanks Mario. +1

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