Rockers of the lost Ark Studio Raid

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Happened to have my Pixie, my piccolo bass in hand when this came up. (I've labelled it a guitar add for the sound rather than the instrument.) Anyway, I'm not really a guitarist by any means but loved the send section starting around 2:35 so gave it an add there


Great add GrooveEnth, you could become GuitarEnth! sounded great! I get the impression MikeB will pick this up and make it "Heavy Metallers of the lost ark studio raid!!+2
October 14 2017 14:28:38
GrooveEnth haha - well I'm trying to stretch out a bit. Will always be a bassist at heart but I do like those higher notes too :) +1
October 14 2017 14:41:58
pconey Isn't that why you guys buy a 5 stringer or those "ironing boards" (8 string basses or whatever)??? I play guitar as a second instrument. Think it helps to develop you as a player. +1
October 14 2017 15:24:05
GrooveEnth Actually I do have a 6 string bass in my collection but haven't played it for some time. I rarely go much above the 12th fret on my 4 string and when I want to play higher notes I tend to want the whole line up an octave. Anyway you're right - the more things you play, the more approaches you have... +0
nice placement and sound:)+1
October 14 2017 14:27:00
GrooveEnth Thanks mate - bought myself one of these last night and it is one of the first sounds on there. Gives me a new respect for you guys with 6 strings though! :)
October 14 2017 14:31:32
Mikebanez checked. it looks cool you'll have fun with it i'm sure:) +1
October 14 2017 14:34:23
GrooveEnth I love new toys! :D +1
Fanfare for the Rockers of the lost Ark Studio Raid ........sensational⭐️⭐️⭐️+1
October 14 2017 14:57:27
pconey for sure! Dr Groove got out his piccolo!!!! He deserves a cigar for this!!! Good one!! +1
October 14 2017 15:24:22
GrooveEnth That Pete - good to see you back around :) +1
a very very cool guitar GrooveEnth...:D+1
October 14 2017 15:49:41
GrooveEnth Thanks mate :) +1
really cool cinematic sound on the track - well done!+1
October 14 2017 15:50:26
GrooveEnth Thank you Mr Hunt :) +1
sounds like you would be a fine guitar player too me, great add to this, fits well+1
October 14 2017 21:36:01
GrooveEnth Cheers Ken. Well, I'm trying to get better. When I can do something half as cool as you I'll be happy! :) +0
muito bom trabalho, GrooveEnth+0
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