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Come on, be my guest on this journey :) You can discover a lot of fantastic things :D Maybe you can show some unexcpected views:)
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Electronic, Fusion-Jazz- what ever style


Love this franky:D very creative:D:D:D+2
November 13 2017 20:28:05
frankyguitar Thanx very much David !! A lot of fun to do :) +1
Again, Franky, great spaces.. telling a whole story.. Wonderful work!! Congrats, man!+2
November 13 2017 22:45:03
frankyguitar :D Thanx very much Pat !! Can't help myself, always comes out crazy stuff .... :W +0
November 13 2017 23:33:28
Offfocus Really nice crazy stuff, Franky!! +1
November 14 2017 14:26:41
frankyguitar Very cool, reminds me on Dr.Who :D
Thanx very much again for your great work with this!! :)
Frank...I don't know what to say :|:o
You are some kind of "Musical Mastermind"B)
What a fantastic trip through the Galaxy:D
November 13 2017 20:31:27
frankyguitar :D Happiness :D
Really a great pleasure you like it Ron !! Thanx very much my friend :) :D
So much to discover, I'm really a SiFi guy :)
ótimo trabalho instrumental, frankyguitar+1
November 13 2017 20:54:24
francisco al
frankyguitar Muito obrigado Francisco! Estou muito feliz por minha pequena viagem gostar. :) +0
Wonderful Franky,:) imagination to the fullest,great my friend+1
November 13 2017 21:49:15
frankyguitar Thank you so much Xavi ! Very cool you liked it :D +0
One of your best. I really enjoy this "out there" sort of stuff.+1
November 14 2017 14:22:33
frankyguitar Thanx very much Wade!! Any idea for a short, or longer sax part? I know it would be fit perfect. +1
November 15 2017 00:15:41
Wade Anything is possible. Will download, but must warn you: I download 10 times as much as what comes back, and it takes months for stuff to come back. My reality is that I have no idea what's playing when I record or who it's by unless easily recognized or very typical of their style (Tof, Mario, Markeys, etc.). So I start recording, usually without listening to the track first. If necessary I'll do a second take, especially for the beginning. If I really like the track but haven't got it down right, then I may give it a third go. If that doesn't work then I go on to the next track. A large number of the tracks I did record don't make it through edit and get dumped. Thus the small number that make it through. Who the track is from makes little/no difference. +2
November 15 2017 14:31:30
frankyguitar Wow, that's a very interesting procedure Wade. If I interpret that correctly, what you play to a track is completely improvised, because you do not listen to it before. Masterly.
It rarely works for me, but I do not make music for 30 or more years and am without any kind of music education. Basically, I'm just starting and trying to pick up a little theory.
I let the track run and improvise without recording, mostly anyway. After a few passages, I am where I wanted to go or just let myself be driven by my feelings.
November 15 2017 22:04:17
Wade I think it's a lot harder on guitar. The sax plays one note at a time and it's a (mostly) linear instrument. It's the same as singing along, so has nothing to do with theory. If you're reliant on theory it means that you're applying the same process of playing to the chord structure instead of a melodic line. Becoming one with your instrument is key so that you play what you hear in your head...the same as singing. +1
Franky in Spaaaaace !!! Very cool !! :) :)+1
November 14 2017 14:25:02
frankyguitar Thanx very much Rob !! :)
Jump in , we have beer, hot dogs and a fantastic view at the galaxy:D
Franky - Du gehst nicht vorwärts - Du maschst Sprünge! Super was Du alles machst (und das neben der Arbeit!). Grosses Kompliment! Speziell gefällt mir das Space-Gefühl um 4.00+1
November 15 2017 13:18:15
frankyguitar :D Dankeschön René :D
Ich liebe was Ich tue, wahrscheinlich liegt es daran. Schön das es Dir gefällt:)
November 15 2017 14:07:49
abuitremorem DAs merkt man - aber es ist auch noch mehr dahinter :D:D:D +1
November 15 2017 14:18:47
a great one Franky...;););)+1
November 17 2017 17:41:22
frankyguitar Thank you very much Nils !! :) ;) +1
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