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I couldn’t help but notice how you grown
I remember holding you so close
My oh my how the years have gone by
You use to follow
me all around
Just like a little
puppy dog
I’d work in the yard
You be sitting by me
Looking at me wondering
what I’m doing
I’d looked back with a smile
Wondering what’s going on in that head of yours
As you pulled the weeds next to me
Oh my
how the years have gone by
Seems like just yesterday you were a little one
Now you’ve grown brought grandchildren to me
All I can do is thank you for everything
Bring joy to my eye
You bring joy every time I see you
Now time is gone
Passing us by
You’re getting older
Lord so am I
Each passing day
brings more an more joy my way
Watching the grandchildren too
As they grow to Women and Men
How I missed those
Missed those days
When I worked in the yard
You sit next to me
How I wonder
What’s going on inside your head
I’d just smile and tap u on your head
Now years have gone
Gone by so fast
Oh how you’ve grown
And so have I
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