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This has been my rhythmic earworm for two months now. Finally got around to recording it. Of course, what I imagined and what was played are not the same thing. Hey ho. Anyway, the whole track is in 5/4. It tries to follow the same rhythm motif throughout, established at the start of the track. The idea is the same pulse follows throughout. The intro is just an exercise in whether I can still control accents during a double-stroke roll! It's not ...


Love how you ALWAYS want perfection and push your limits!!!! In my opinion you Exceeded in demonstrating your very high skills and at the same time did not sacrifice the "music" with your very cool and well executed drumming that created a Wonderful listening experience!+0
Wow! Excellent!+1
Absolutely love 5/4 without the heavy 3 + 2 accent. Gonna watch this one!+1
November 20 2017 09:50:47
mpointon Thanks, Wade. It was your shout a while back that you love 5/4 that got me thinking.

I then suffered that 5/4 pattern earworm for ages but only recently got around to recording it. It's really hard, I find, to compose drum-only tracks!
November 20 2017 19:13:13
Wade I know what you mean. A sax only template is just as bad, especially when I never play with a click track. +0
:) nice one+1
Lenny Cowler
Wow, very cool, Martin :)+1
Wow Martin!! great as usual. Playlisted!! ;)+1
As always, bleddy marvelous! I'll definitely be using it.
How many parts!? One every other bar by the look. Thanks Martin for a great template resource.
November 20 2017 10:07:32
mpointon Hey Kimbo. Thanks. There seems to be a lot of parts but they all follow the same rhythmic pattern. Apart from the into/outro, it's just changes between hi-hat/ride.

Oh and a part on the jam block. Yeah, there's a few changes!
The best way to make me crazy if I begin to count instead of playing on such time signature!!
That sounds super good and intro outro are snarific :)
November 20 2017 09:51:56
mpointon Thanks, Tof. I went for the same rhythm pattern throughout the piece to, hopefully, help people feel rather than count. :) +0
Fantastic Martin :D+1

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