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KMstar1975 jams
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Testing the Avid Eleven Rack. I am working on writing a review of this product. If any fellow wikilooper has used this or owns one please contact me :D This is the patch, or rig, a1 Big Blue. I have some strong opinions about the ownership experience so far but I will let my friends decide how they the song quality is. I did add some post-production reverb and compression with adobe audition to get the levels right.
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Eleven Rack, Avid, Pro Tools


The Morning Star on fire!! :W :) sounds great to me ;)
is there some patch called Big Green?? :D :D
November 28 2017 01:32:31
KMstar You can make one! lol. it actually has amp emulation that covers all the great amps and it has a circuit they call True Z for the input ahead of the processing that gives the response of a tube amp and makes the emulations actually sound good. No doubt that you could create the perfect Green sound. The software for pro tools first will drive you insane though +1
November 28 2017 01:41:12
GreenDog I'm still "primitive" using Audacity, but sooner or later I'll need something "not primitive" (headache included lol), maybe someday I'll invent the green sound :D +1
Interesting. I would not be able to tell if it's an original amp or not. But if you think about the post-production possibilities in the DAW, that does not matter much anymore. I use the Kemper with 4 recording channels and I'm glad to have these mixing options.:)+1
November 29 2017 00:02:48
KMstar I have heard great things about Kemper +1

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