Fogará (feat drums StJRay)

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"Fogará" in Andalusian language means skin redness due to illness or sunbathing Bass groove template with cool beat drums of Ray (StJRay) in track #122736 who kindly sent me for jam mixes First 4 bars with palm mute bass technique. Technical info to interested bassists or loopers: --BASS: Cort A5 neckthru bass Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings. Fretwraps string dampeners on the strings (to avoid harmonics and unwanted string vibrations) touch on bridge 100% pickup sound -Set EQ on the bass: active EQ with ...


OK, another download. You always get me with these rhythms.+1
December 01 2017 15:32:44
GlezBass In this case the rhythm of Ray, I just put groove of bass line :) +1
francisco al
boa pegada de baixo, Mario. bom trabalho de baixo e bateria casado+1
December 01 2017 15:32:53
francisco al
GlezBass obrigado :) +0
Very impressive!+1
November 30 2017 21:05:53
GlezBass thanks so much hartmut :) +1
excelente Mario :D:D+1
November 30 2017 20:32:16
GlezBass gracias Xavi :D +0
Love your intro, very creative!!! You use this theme intro to build thematic variations!!! Excellent Glez!!!+1
November 30 2017 18:51:55
GlezBass Exact Dan, he has captured the idea perfectly. From the first beat the groove is built and varies as the jam progresses. I am not very knowledgeable of harmonies and complex musical theory but simple templates are made for the great loopers of the site to add their creativity (hear to Ark in the next jam). Sometimes the simple becomes the beautiful ... :) +0
You are a great Mario! Beautiful picture, soon boy.+1
November 30 2017 18:52:23
GlezBass Thanks so much Marco :) +0
I really like the musical approach, it's very good, congratulations! :W+1
November 30 2017 15:59:31
GlezBass Glad you like it. I liked his drum line a lot, that's why I ordered it separately. :) +0
Good good.:Y+1
November 30 2017 15:58:44
GlezBass Thanks so much Ark +0
Wow !interesting but difficult to play ....+1
November 30 2017 15:51:13
GlezBass Thanks Chris. I believe that fundamental groove is simple, always around two notes ;) +1
You mention in the comments you are using wrapped strings to avoid harmonics but you are playing them at 3:00 . Whats up with that? Just kidding! sounds great!+1
November 30 2017 00:19:34
GlezBass The freatwrap I have it on the nut and if I approach it to the first fret, it avoids that the strings that are in the air vibrate too much, but if we press with this system the harmonic with a certain intensity can reproduce, it acts more like a string mute to the air to avoid that "mmmmmm" of bass strings. If you lower it more on the frets, completely turn off the strings and more harmonious ....
Thank you for your kind words :)

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