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Cool track Neo :) The only thing I personally would have made different is the massive volume drop between the first and second part. I would have raised the second part up for instance. It is ok to have some volume differences in a track - but in this case I cranked it up to hear what was going on, and when the next song came on it almost blew my speaker :D :D .+1
December 01 2017 07:28:47
neonicpure I appreciate the feedback. I was experimenting with dynamics this time around, and I wanted the second part to be quieter to serve as both a unique ending, but also to serve as almost a hidden track to the piece. I may edit remix it later, but I liked how it sounded and wanted to get some more input. +1
December 01 2017 08:38:52
TeeGee Cool stuff, keep creating, that is the most important thing :) +0

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