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Hello, I had in mind for a moment this musical structure and I decided to leave a trace somewhere ... and it is here! ;-) It is in 6/8 at 178 bpm and it makes me think of Christmas tunes ... On this occasion, I named this tune: '' A Christmas music Wikiloops '' You are all welcome to add instruments ... Ray, N.B .: There was not enough space to indicate the chords. Ask me to get the chords.


Nice template friend, original jazzy Christmas tunes :)+1
Admirative of this kind of stuff and those who are able to make swing such a chords tribe !+1
December 04 2017 14:10:47
StJray You know, me who is in great admiration about your way of playing, then to see you here make me a compliment it is very flayer!
Thanks for the compliment, :W
so nice and well played, man!!! great Christmas song!!:) ;) StJray+1
December 04 2017 13:03:21
StJray Thank you jjdf!:W +1
December 21 2017 13:37:42
jjdf This is so nice, could you please share the chords? I do appreciate...Thanks!;) +0
Lovely lilting feel. I'm a sucker for that 6/8 feel.+1
Clever play! A lot of rich chords, very cool!+1
December 05 2017 04:59:33
StJray Thank you Marc :) +1
harmonia ótimo. bom trabalho de guitarra, StJray+1
So excellent :)+1
Beautiful progression and template! :)+1
Hi! :)
Look at #123273 for Drum & Atmosphere Synth-Guit
New version : #123314 :D+0

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