Little Girl in the Middle of Rubble

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Key of Fmaj Hi Dear Wikiloopers, Here is the first time I try to sing... but I hadn't any lyrics to add here. So, this is almost a lullaby for these orphan children who are victims of war and looking for their mum in the middle of the rubble of bombs... The harp is present with the chords in the background. Any add is welcome of course, I think this track needs more energy... All my best, Agnèsss


Agnèsss, that's a wonderful composition. Big compliment!+1
December 07 2017 18:04:14
Caroljoyce thank you very much René, at times, I have the feeling to sing wrong ... I also feel strange not to recognize my own voice ...:( +1
December 07 2017 20:46:57
abuitremorem I know that too. On certain days it goes, and then everything sounds impossible bad .... then I'll wait :) +1
wonderful music ;o)+1
December 09 2017 23:32:02
Caroljoyce Welcome inside my home of tears Ulo, my sweet friend. +0
Sweet lullaby for non sweet times ,very good track :)+1
December 09 2017 23:30:18
Caroljoyce Green, your support is a soft stroke to my heart. 🤗 +1
woooow Agnèsss this is really strong,dont now how many times i have heard this track,and it brings tears to my eyes every time,i have some idea i will try to do one day...<3<3<3+1
December 08 2017 17:00:17
Caroljoyce oh yes, it would be nice if you could do something for this song, (and I also know now that you're good at classical orchestra arrangements with strings...);) ... I thought about something like Max Richter's arrangements... Thanks for the compliments, Nils. +1
Wow - so good! <3+1
December 09 2017 23:28:06
Caroljoyce Good evening Groovieboy ;) I’m so glad thanks to the words you’ve written here. +0
Wonderful notes for a heavenly atmosphere! :)+1
December 09 2017 23:25:04
Caroljoyce Hello Stef, your words gives me strength to pursue on this way. Thank you for having a listen. +1
December 09 2017 23:23:20
Lenny Cowler
Caroljoyce I’m happy to read you Lenny. +1
December 09 2017 23:22:33
Caroljoyce Thank you very much Frankie for your support I’m not used to sing... :| +2
Excellent! Bravo Agnès!+1
December 10 2017 21:16:12
Caroljoyce Thank you Marc. :) +1
Great Caroljoyce !, very nice to hear, thanks for sharing your music!:)+1
December 15 2017 11:52:15
Caroljoyce ;) +0

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