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Thanks for a great track (heard 1000 times) - and greetings to Psycho and Keiton. Second attempt. Thanks for criticizing Nils :) For once played only with plectrum. Mix: 6 channel recording. A guitar track runs in the mix over midiguitar as a piano. I hope the guitar is not too loud.


Ausgezeichnet, tolle Ergänzung,optimale Raumausnutzung,schöner Mix und wieder hervorragend gespielt,Renè.:Y:Y+2
December 12 2017 23:00:19
abuitremorem Vielen Dank Joachim. Es war eine Zangengeburt :D +1
December 12 2017 23:47:05
Jolux Am Ende ist das Kind doch quietschfidel:D
Ich find's sehr gelungen!:o:)
December 13 2017 19:55:59
abuitremorem :D:D +0
Oh René ? did you turn your guitar into a boogie piano this time ?

I like this sound, it makes me chills. You too, you are a very surprising boy because of the sounds you choose to associate together.
It works very well, your addition perfectly matches Bruce's chords.
Thank you to you three for this tune, I will go to sleep with this song in my head. <3
December 12 2017 03:37:03
abuitremorem Thanks a lot Agnèsss for your nice comment. I appreciate that very much and I am pleased that you take him :) :) :). It took a long time for this track because I was never satisfied with the sound of my guitars. Then I mixed with midiguitar and it's gone.:D +1
December 13 2017 22:17:53
Caroljoyce Not surprised you needed time to find out the chords suite. Coz in this work, you re very close to Bruce’ song. +0
:D:D Yeah!!! awesome sounds ,genial René :W:W+1
December 12 2017 03:06:04
abuitremorem Thanks Xavi. I had to search for a long time, until I had a sound that I was satisfied with and different from my older tracks.:D +0
:D magnificent+1
December 12 2017 03:02:38
abuitremorem Thank you Gary :):):) +1
again perfect:)+1
December 12 2017 10:04:22
Lenny Cowler
abuitremorem Thank you Lenny :) +1
Cooler Sound und Mix Rene :)+1
December 12 2017 10:04:03
abuitremorem Vielen Dank Armin. Das war eine Zangengeburt :) +1
December 12 2017 14:51:59
Man René, so genial !! Großartige Idee und super umgesetzt!! :)+1
December 13 2017 17:59:07
abuitremorem Danke Franky :):):) +1
Born as an acoustic ballad with your thought and brilliant contribution has taken on an almost electronic dimension. Surely you know how to control great sound environments! I make myself curious about the midi guitar that sounds like a piano! Excellent track Rene’! :)+1
December 12 2017 17:23:18
abuitremorem Thanks Stef. Midiguitar can actually integrate all midisequenzer, and that too live :). I use for now only what is in the standard offer. https://www.jamorigin.com/ +1
Yeah this sounds very very good Rene...;););)+1
December 14 2017 22:23:17
abuitremorem Thank you Nils :):):) +1
This is AMAZING, Rene!!! You could make a new track just with your add!!! Well done, my friend!!!+1
December 15 2017 21:41:29
abuitremorem Thank you Dan :):):) +0

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