White Horse of Death+Solo

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Added a solo (at Peter's request) which starts at 1:43 and ends at 2:09 ...His riffing style is pretty free form, so I mostly played over the D Phrygian Dominant mode because I thought it worked well with this track. I hope you dig it Peter! Thanks again!
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Phrygian, Dominant, Solo, Lead, Shredding


@PeterVeillon Haha! "Free form" means you play by feel and have a great ear. It's awesome! Theory or not... your stuff speaks for itself!+1
Love it, wish I could play this type of music:) My mother would hate it:D+0
I do dig it. Plenty of room for more shredders. Free form is a polite way of saying not knowing the chords to my own songs :) Thanks for your killer solo. You're like a blend of all my guitar heroes. I will be returning the favor asap.+0
Great :-)+0
Great shredding! :)+0
Nice solo snippet -- well-played, intense and fits perfectly into this jam. I love your timing and the way you blend the fast runs and the long, vibrato notes. Really adds expression and interest instead of just, "hey look at how fast I can play scales!" You got taste and soul, even when shredding, Dude. ;)+0
very very good!!!+0
Killer Track Shred it up :)+0
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