Winter Kills

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Key of Amin Hello My Dear Wikiloopers, Here's a new template. I firstly thought about a piece evoking a nocturnal atmosphere when working on this... Then I created the midi pads and the texture, and curiously the track turned into a kind of Hitchcock's movie... I wish you don't want to runaway when listening to this piece... :) Have a nice week my Friend. Ag
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classical, celtic harp


Beautiful! :):D+1
oh, what a nice 3/4 - closing my eyes, allowing saturate me with this magic filigree atmosphere. I feel the warm tender touch of your fingertips caressing my soul. Merci, ma chère <3+1
March 29 2018 11:36:48
Caroljoyce Yes... of course, the ternary tempo is your MusicLand... I like this track for its minor key, but the recording isn't really good...
Thanks for your words. <3
francisco al
bonito trabalho, Caroljoyce+1
wow this is really beautiful Agnesss...;)<3;)+1
December 21 2017 19:24:19
Caroljoyce Thank you very much Nils. Glad you like it. I wish you and your relatives a Merry Christmas. <3 +1
December 21 2017 20:49:20
slin Merry Christmas to you too...<3 +1
Wonderfully cinematic and evocative and seasonal, too. Great work!+1
December 20 2017 00:00:37
Caroljoyce Seasonal, that's true... Thank you Dan for having a listen. I'm glad to see you here from time to time. :) +0
isn't this so very pretty.....I can see the lake is frozen blue and there are icicles sparkling in the trees as a snow fox plays in the soft snow.+1
December 20 2017 00:05:17
Caroljoyce Yes indeed, a snow fox playing in the snow, this is really a nice picture... nicer than a terrific wolf coming out of the forest to go and eat the little children playing in the snow...
I'm teasing you Shi.
You're so kind. Thank you very much for these words. <3
it nice temp man+1
Beautiful sound painting Agnésss. For me it's like a walk through a snowy and icy landscape with plenty of sunlight and freezing cold.<3+1
December 19 2017 17:15:59
Caroljoyce This is a nice program, walking in the snow ... it's been so long since I've gone to have a walk in mountains.
I also love these very cold and sunny winter days, especially when there is this very blue light because of the snow... And, especially when we can drink a warm tea at shelter after having a walk...

Thx for your comment René.;)
wishing you a wonderful christmas time Agnes :) <3 ... beautiful ...+1
December 19 2017 17:07:33
Caroljoyce Andrea, I wish you a Merry Christmas too, and getting all the best you'd wish. Take care my Dear. <3 +1

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