Pull The Plug

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With apologies to Nils and his wicked vocal on #110217, I stole Glez's bass and Greg's drum solo tracks from #109445 and #110217 and mixed in this cheery vocal with Tom;s guitar about not wanting to be kept alive when the mojo has gone. Inspired by the story of the guy who had "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on his body along with a tattooed signature to verify - attending doctors didn't know what to do! Happy New Year??!?
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Bluegrass, Slide, Hillbilly, Blues


Fantastic song, my friend!!! I <3 lyrics! excellent work!!! ;) :) :D+2
January 01 2018 14:43:23
gwailoah Thank you Joao, very happy you like the lyrics :D Happy New Year to you mi hermano! +0
Very good Job Brian :) :Y+1
January 01 2018 14:40:16
gwailoah Cheers Adu, Happy New Year to you! :D +1
Great job brian!! :) :) thnx mate!! Cheers! :) :)+1
January 01 2018 14:44:07
gwailoah Hey, my great pleasure Tom, Happy New Year to you! :D +0
January 01 2018 15:33:10
frenzie thanx my friend!!! happy new year!!! and allt he best brother!!! :) :) +1
very good Brian :Y:Y+1
January 01 2018 14:44:53
gwailoah Cheers Xavi, was great blues from Tom here :D +1
Another great Blues my friend! So good!! :)+1
January 05 2018 03:06:02
gwailoah Thank you Brother Stef! All best for Blues Time!! :D +1
Excellent story line!!!!! Excellent vocal!!!!!! I often thought about what is life if I could not play!!! My wife and I argued so much because she wants the plug pulled if ever on life support! I hesitantly agreed and hoping thant never happens!!!+1
January 05 2018 03:05:16
gwailoah Hee Hee! Cheers Dan, I also hope you never have to pull a plug :o +1

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