Inky Black Sky

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Hello Wikiloopers, Here is a template made with my celtic harp only. No guitar. I wanted to try a rock song on my own... Two tracks with a bass driver, one with an effect for lead guitar, and a harp song part. Quotation to explain the title "Inky Black Sky": The road to Manderley lay ahead. There was no moon. The sky above our heads was inky black. But the sky on the horizon was not dark at all. It was shot with crimson, ...
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Interesting tune. great:)+1
January 11 2018 22:18:34
Caroljoyce Thx for your support Ark ! +0
January 11 2018 22:18:56
Caroljoyce Very welcome here Peter. +1
C’est terrible ... la disto-harpe ;)+1
January 11 2018 22:21:12
Caroljoyce Terrible peut-être... mais aussi terrifiant pour mes oreilles par moment... :o +1
Agnes, very cool and creative music:)+1
January 11 2018 22:22:43
Caroljoyce Hi Ron, so good to read you back...:) +1
January 11 2018 22:23:17
Lenny Cowler
Caroljoyce :Y +1
Beautiful music Agnèss. Like it a lot. Your harp is a wonderful instrument that you charm with :)+1
January 11 2018 22:38:30
Caroljoyce I sometimes like to change the sound of my harp chords (I know you understand what I mean;) ), which then gives me a new idea of progression... and discoveries after discoveries, I find myself doing some weird rock stuff full of heavy distorted sounds in my headphones and my ears exploded while I'm sitting down here in a quiet room...:|

however, I love this idea of doing something that does not correspond to the wise and kind image that is attributed to the harpist.
January 12 2018 09:31:43
abuitremorem I like that a lot and I can understand you well. We want to go further and it would be a pity if we do not try all possibilities. There is something new every day and that is fantastic. Keep it up Agnèss :) :) :) +1
January 12 2018 12:13:28
Caroljoyce Thanks for your kindness René ! +0
Fantastic Agnes! Wonderful work you did,
sounds awesome my dear !! :)
January 11 2018 22:41:58
Caroljoyce hey Franky, thank you for these words. Yes, indeed, I spent several hours for mixing coz I'm not a professional sound ingeneer... +1
January 12 2018 09:01:15
frankyguitar Yes, I also spent mostly a lot of time for mixing. But it's part of our work and I have also fun with. +1
January 11 2018 22:43:32
Caroljoyce Thank you very much. +1
January 11 2018 22:53:50
Caroljoyce Hi Ernie.
The rocket is on its way.
Vrrrrrrrr .... can we recover the tiny caroljoyce sent into space after this flight somewhat rock'n roll ? :|
January 12 2018 00:25:10
Ernie440 It's very groovy, like psychedelic rock sounds ... B):W +1
Very cool track, Caroljoyce! Enjoyed alot!+1
January 11 2018 22:55:32
Caroljoyce Thank you very much to you for this mix with Martin's drums. I need to learn too... +1
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