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I am not that big of a fan using all these arpegiators but i wanted to try it for a change...that Yamahaboard has all these possibilities for that... so a bit experimenting.... Needs a real bass and guitar for sure! :) cheers, Marc gonna write some chords after diner.... C-F-G and D-G-C-A something.


Great! :D+2
January 17 2018 19:50:59
Marceys Smart synth with a lot of groove! +1
Very cool Marc<3+1
January 17 2018 19:52:37
Marceys Thanks, glad you like it! +1
January 17 2018 19:53:07
Marceys :W +0
Good to hear yo going somewhere different and (hopefully) having fun with it. Good composition that's already got a bunch of downloads.+1
January 17 2018 20:21:25
Marceys Gotta try some different things avery now and than and wikiloops is the perfect platform for that! :) +0
Sounds great!+1
January 17 2018 20:59:23
Marceys Thanks a lot! +0
different but cool :)+1
January 17 2018 21:00:05
Marceys Haha, gotta try others things too sometimes! Glad you like it Shi! :) +1
It's not simple to offer an another proposition ;) Super and right+1
January 17 2018 21:00:51
Marceys Enjoyed the play! Thanks titi! :) +1
Great energy, very open and dynamic.+1
January 18 2018 18:04:53
Marceys Thanks, glad you like it! :) +0
Already told you what Im doing with your tracks. Ive been listening to you so much, you are inspiring me to resume where i left off with keys over 20 years ago. You are going to cost me $$$ when you inspire me with things like this.+1
January 18 2018 18:07:49
Marceys Oeh, i hope you are not going to sue me for this! I’m glad these tracks are giving you some inspiration! Would very much like to hear you play the keys! :) +1
I will try to play it!+1
January 18 2018 18:10:50
Marceys Not only try please! Just go for it! :) +1

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