When Rain Falls

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It needs a bass line...all kinds of stuff after that. I resisted adding too much stuff. I'll add my own remix. Anyway,..have at it.


Not hitting the right tones for this (yet) so anyone who wants- you can use the lyrics below in whole or as you see fit- Great template!+1
February 25 2018 03:45:28
Plectrum You'll get it...nobody is going to sing those lyrics like you can. +0
February 25 2018 05:02:06
DrStrgeglv LOL, thanks for the confidence! Really most of these folks are wise to my methods... 1)Write lyrics 2)Practice 3)Get discouraged 4)Offer it to others 5)Wait 6)Try Harder
7)Post 8)Mulligan
I'm not "normal"!;)
February 25 2018 05:06:36
Plectrum Hey, great lyrics,..you already succeeded. :) And if we were normal we wouldn't be here. +1
February 25 2018 05:18:29
DrStrgeglv True- We are segregated by interest and artistic delusion before we meet, LOL!
I sing while I write, with priority on flow first... meaning and story tend to form as an afterthought (contrived).
I like the simplicity and raw emotional pull to this track!
The abrupt ending can be tough, but it lends character with the right adjustment.
February 27 2018 08:51:05
Plectrum I approach it exactly the same way...I sing with it phonetically to find the phrase and melody,..only after I have that established do I approach the lyrical end of it...oh...and you just let this track fade +0
Our Problem

It ain't like me
To sit around
Wondering what's to become
Of the lines we redefine
And the life thing
I feel so empty
Never call me annoying
Soul destroying
Apathy wrapped in cellophane
File away future damage claim
Where is nothing
When you need it
Stick with something
Till you bleed it
Everybody has their problems
You know that's true
For both of us
Did you write me
On the day that you swallowed your mind
Was it frightening
When you cut yourself out from behind
Everyone has their problems
Don't we know these four words to be true
For both of us
The Problem is YOU!
francisco al
ótimo trabalho, amigo Plectrum+0
February 12 2018 01:26:00
francisco al
Plectrum Obrigado, o seu jogo é excepcional. Senhor +0
Beautiful slow progression Plectrum! :)+2
Lenny Cowler
Very nice template Plectrum :) Maybe a no drums version would be cool? :)+2
pretty chords :)+1
nice template :) ends abruptly ?+1
February 06 2018 21:58:38
Plectrum yea, I don't know what happened there. +2
A bit of melancholy is always a beauty enhancement, nice music from you Plectrum+1
February 02 2018 02:23:45
Plectrum You get it +0
This is a GREAT template...it can go in so many different directions!!!:)+1
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