Dmin Tuning - Slow Prog 70s

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played these two tracks at the same time one through my stereo Vox TonelabLE and one trough midi into a software mellotron with flutes afterwards did some mixing FLUTE would be awesome Bass Drums 2nd guitar LEAVE SPACE!!!๐Ÿคก๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚ so we can float
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Genesis, Jade Warrior


francisco al
ficou show. bom trabalho, amigo GemmyF+1
February 11 2018 21:21:25
francisco al
GemmyF give it a go!:o:D:Y +0
Awesome!! <3 Will have a go after work today! :)+2
February 05 2018 16:50:52
TeeGee If you don't eat your meat, how can you have any pudding?? +1
February 05 2018 16:53:12
eGiL Herring is the pudding! Jim is the meat! :D +0
February 05 2018 17:00:06
GemmyF debated on putting this in the band and I op'd on "Gen Pop":D +2
February 05 2018 17:39:19
TeeGee Well wrong choice my friend that would have been perfect for the band +0
February 05 2018 18:05:41
GemmyF well we're so back-logged the choice was made:D +0
February 06 2018 09:15:55
TeeGee "Jim is the meat!" one moment he is a man, and the next just a piece of meat. So cruel :( +1
Lenny Cowler
I havent heard Jade Warrior for dacades! Thanks for this beautiful reminder Gem :)+1
February 05 2018 03:03:03
GemmyF love them!!! especially 73-77 +1
February 05 2018 03:05:02
Dadinator ..."lion springs and jaws exhale it's savage funeral breeeeaaath" it +1
February 05 2018 03:11:35
GemmyF in my Spotify albums I have the self titled album and "released" +1
February 05 2018 03:15:51
Dadinator So, whats the theme of this song Gem??? Did you have anything in mind when you composed it? I'ld love to work on some lyrics :) +1
February 05 2018 05:23:07
GemmyF No theme---I was just trying to create a mood and tone and it blossomed to a composition +1
February 05 2018 05:24:09
Dadinator Lovely....let me contemplete :) +1
February 05 2018 15:57:09
GemmyF Like "Last Autumn's Dream" ----I got these albums as "cutouts" the thing record store did when albums didn't sell well, and they'd either cut a slight edge off the album or use a hole punch---I might have heard them once or so on the radio--in the 70s we had a great FM station in Houston...but even this was maybe too much!!!!:D +1

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