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Presenting my second classical original composition for 2018: "L'Orchestre de'LOpera" This classical composition is Inspired by French Impressionist Artist Edgar Degas and his painting L'Orchestre de'LOpera painted in 1869. Link to the painting is: uploads0.wikiart.org/images/edgar-d…opera-1869.jpg I have structured my whole composition around Edgar Davis' friend Désiré Diha (the bassoonist)and his subtle solo performance in the centre of the composition. Look forward to your comments on my track. A little history about Edgar Degas en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Degas I have placed myself in the orchestra pit as the bassoonist. I feel there is ...
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Classical Bassoon Piano Strings Alchemy


yeah Edgar Degas was a great painter,In the 80's I went to an art school and Edgar Degas is one of my favorite,and this is really a great tribute to that panting Heidi,opera that reminds me on Saturday i`m going to see Norma a great opera of Bellini...;)<3;)+0
Fantastic Heidi, wonderful composition! I reaqlly enjoyed this :)+1
February 06 2018 11:43:52
HeidiMarie Frankguitar you made my day with your great feedback. Please make sure you check out the remixes they are absolutely amazing. Thank you for your continued support. :):)<3 +1
February 06 2018 13:28:39
frankyguitar Marks sax is just beautiful Heidi :D +0
Awesome Heidi, a pleasure to hear this:D:D+1
February 06 2018 03:09:36
HeidiMarie Thank you David I always appreciate your support & positive feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. :):):) +1
Lovely composition. B)+1
February 06 2018 03:08:59
HeidiMarie Really pleased you enjoyed my work. :):):) +0
Wonderful, Heidi!+1
February 06 2018 03:08:37
HeidiMarie Thank you Liesching I really appreciate your great feedback. :):)<3 +1
Wow it's really very well done all that. I like the mix of classical instruments "orchestra" and synths, modern keyboards it gives a different climate of classical works
And that's perfectly successful :)
February 06 2018 03:07:40
HeidiMarie Thank you Jypeka. We are very fortunate to be able to blend in our modern keyboards with classical instruments. For me thats the best way to create an atmosphere. I actually used an Icy Wind Synthesiser to do that. Appreciate your great feedback. :):):) +0
Fantastic track, once again, Heidi Marie. I really appreciate all the feelings you create with your music. Love that. <3<3<3+1
February 06 2018 03:05:34
HeidiMarie Thank you Chris-B. Your positive feedback is really appreciated. :):)<3 +0
The melancholy of the bassoon is nicely framed by keys and strings

Not sure what I think of the painting itself but you've brought it to life
February 06 2018 03:04:17
HeidiMarie Thank you Ivanovitch for the wonderful feedback. :):):) +1
very very fashion relaxing music Heidi :)+1
February 05 2018 12:21:27
HeidiMarie Thank you for listening Onorium. :):):) +0
very nice tribute to my compatriot. When I look at his painting "Opera Orchestra", I also see a double bass, a cello, a harp and a section of violins. I wonder what piece these musicians played when he painted this painting.B):D<3+1
February 05 2018 12:09:13
ARNOSOLO What also intrigues me in this table is to understand his choice to also put in the foreground bass player back ... As a picture poorly framed ... +1
February 05 2018 12:16:47
HeidiMarie Thank you for your interesting feedback Arnosolo. I feel the bassoonist was the only one playing & the whole painting was focussed on his performance. I sense a little tension from the other musicians at the time. Again only my interpretation of a very old artwork & the basis of my composition. Certainly a very intriguing painting. I really enjoy composing music to artworks :):):) +1

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