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Yes , I hate Carnival ... Sorry for the outburst, I'm not the owner of the truth, but it's how I perceive it. We are a poor(money) country, with many talent (rich) people, many good and bad people as another places, but very accommodating and disunited people who celebrate or know what, escape from reality, perhaps. Country that does not invest in education, has no future. Add some virtual drummer on awesome Mark's riff. Thanks for listening.
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Fabricio, I can understand your thoughts. With us there are traditional carnival only in catholic places. Basel, as the only Protestant city, has a carnival. The mood is not left out there and can almost be compared to a funeral. Core element: drums and whistles, there are still Guggenmusiken :).+1
February 10 2018 14:32:07
Fabricio L Thank yoy for the patience to read all, but sorry again for this now... 🙂Our carnival is a huge party, (like my text, :)) there is no religion, the problem is that it is a waste of pharaonic money. Perhaps the feeling that social inequality on that day, illusory does not exist, help, but the way you see it smiling and having fun, the next day you may die in our veiled civil war, fueled by corrupt politicians, extreme social inequality, investment in education and passivity of the people themselves. It is a pity, because we should be a power for the mixture of peoples and enormous talent, but the development is stuck by the own government (elite) in order to maintain the status quo. It is a pity! +0
:D Eu também odeio carnaval hehe :W+1
February 10 2018 01:16:47
Fabricio L 👍👍👍 +1

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