pourquoi pas?

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pourquoi pas? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> well that was/is the debate in my head about this and other like them... and while I'm uploading this...... my thought is........futile >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Love to be proved wrong.....love to have bass, drums, horns of a varietal of types and another --prog minded guitarist >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Flute is played by my guitar via Synth into a midi software Mellotron instrument patch


Another side of the versatility of your huge talent!!! I respect and feel it is always part of our musical development journey to carry through with producing all of our "creations" we believe in. This is so creative and really AWESOME, should be in a motion pic!! But the larger success is it makes you better for new compositions!!+1
February 12 2018 18:54:34
GemmyF Thanks Dan....Demian did a cool drum track for this--then I did a remix of it---Sounds pretty cool!
Jump in if you feel so moved.
Yeah !! A french title ! :D
Great play Jim :D
This is experimental at its best, maybe I'll join with some weird bass lines I dunno,+2
February 12 2018 19:01:50
GemmyF jussef - there are some drums now --might help direct your path----- #129634

here is a band I like in 70s
February 12 2018 19:13:52
jussef63 Nice my friend, I'll check it out +1
February 12 2018 19:17:23
jussef63 Sounds a little bit as the flute from Ian Anderson mixed with some accoustic works from Robert Fripp +1
February 12 2018 19:21:57
GemmyF Yes it sounds like early early King Crimson +1
Lenny Cowler
This is really good+1
February 10 2018 04:47:47
GemmyF Thanks Sir!!:D +1
February 10 2018 04:52:58
Demian Very very good! you combine your crimsonated free guitar, that super flute line, and that collage with a real world fragment, on the in and out, and all with a bpm! Man! +1
February 10 2018 04:56:49
GemmyF I've been sitting on it for almost a week, was going to add to the band I'm in in the background---wasn't even going to post at all---but I did like it mucho---so here it is!
Thanks Demian!
February 10 2018 04:59:24
Demian The work gave its good result man!! +1
February 10 2018 05:05:02
GemmyF It feels a little like a classical piece until the guitar comes in--yet it maintains that classical feel (somewhat ) through out. +1
February 10 2018 05:08:48
Demian Thats right! a classic and contemporary mix of styles +1

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