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Hello everyone, death of Didier Lockwood, great French violinist An exceptional musician that I went to see several times behind the scenes of his concerts ... always kind and good advice He inspired me a lot with his violin playing, comfortable in all styles I wanted to give him a musical tribute, he who brought me so much! . I "tried" ... to make this piece in "solo violin" in one take I just used a loop station RC 300 pedal, and echo ...
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J’ai particulièrement aimé l’album unplugged avec Alain Caron et Jean Marie Ecay et le DLG avec Ponthieux Vernerey De segonzac et Ecay. C’est son frère Francis que je croisais au Baiser Salè, Sunset...+1
Ohlala !!! Quelle magie tu crée encore ici JP :o
Absolument GENIAL <3
February 21 2018 10:53:14
Jypeka Re thanks :) +1
February 21 2018 10:46:37
Jypeka Thanks King ;) +1
Maintenant je sais combien de poils j'ai dand le dos ... 😌 quel fabuleux hommage mon ami 😮😮 absolument fabuleux 🙊🙊 c'est fou comme ton jeu à évolué en peu de temps :o exceptionnel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍+1
February 21 2018 10:52:48
Jypeka Merci Arno ... obligé pour moi cet hommage ;) +1
BRAVO JP !:D excellent boulot :)+1
February 21 2018 10:46:14
Jypeka Merci Jef ...triste ! +0
Very evocative!+1
February 21 2018 10:45:31
Jypeka Thanks Wade ;) +1
Great musical homage!! great Jean Paul!! ;)+1
February 21 2018 10:44:10
Jypeka Merci Mario ...😥 +1
J’ai tt de suite pensé à toi en voyant cette nouvelle dans la presse. Tu dois être bien triste d’avoir perdu un maître comme celui-là.... je t’envoie plein de réconfort. Ta musique est magnifique mon ami.+1
February 21 2018 10:43:10
Jypeka Merci Agnès ... oui j'ai perdu mon "Johnny" à moi 😥 +2
February 20 2018 18:36:54
GemmyF Another most excellent musician that utilizes the looper and he also plays the violin is Andrew Bird--I never listened to Didier Lockwood, so glad you posted this....back in 70s I really liked Vassar Clements ---- a couple of passages on your track reminded me of him. I think the Looper for violins is a perfect tool, as we are so used to hearing multiple violins, our ears are accustomed to it..... As stated Super Piece--Love the final "day in the life" sounding crescendo +1
February 21 2018 10:41:36
Jypeka Thank you Gemmy, I did not know "Andrew Bird" really excellent, I just went to see some video, very interesting ... "Vassar Clement" a little more country
I invite you to go see some videos of "Didier Lockwood" very rewarding ;)
February 21 2018 12:43:30
GemmyF there are Vassar Clements songs that are very jazz based--from about 74,, I'll give Lockwood a listen. +1
February 21 2018 21:59:49
GemmyF In 1976 I reviewed this album as a "pre-Screener" for the DJs at a college radio station, yesterday I mentioned Vassar......I was waiting on my son to get off work and killed some time in the used Book/music/video store----saw the album of Vassar's I reviewed think the last song on side 2 was a jazz prog violin.
I have Spotify and have selected a 3 album Classic by Lockwood to listen to
February 22 2018 16:34:14
Jypeka Thank you Gemmy I will listen to "Superbow" very country :Y ;) +0
February 22 2018 16:43:23
GemmyF yeah I found it on Youtube just now---it is pretty country--Bluegrass sounding----I remember it to be more Jeff Beck-ish---but hey that was 40 years or more--the only thing that reminds me of Jeff is the "Friday the 13th" song with some guitar.....could do some smooth boot-scooting to this stuff!!!!!! The" Orange Bloosm Special" gets kind of tone delicious -Makes me wish we had some steel guitar players on Wikiloops---such tone!!!!

BTW is there a top album I should listen to of Lockwood----something like this piece you did...the one I chose sounds kind of 60s smooth jazz----Your piece has more of a free form, not pigeon-holed approach which I really like!
<3 tu es notre Lockwood ici mon JP+2
February 21 2018 10:27:41
Jypeka Merci Tof ... si je pouvais le faire revenir :@ +1

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