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Hello everyone, death of Didier Lockwood, great French violinist An exceptional musician that I went to see several times behind the scenes of his concerts ... always kind and good advice He inspired me a lot with his violin playing, comfortable in all styles I wanted to give him a musical tribute, he who brought me so much! . I "tried" ... to make this piece in "solo violin" in one take I just used a loop station RC 300 pedal, and echo ...
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<3 tu es notre Lockwood ici mon JP+2
February 21 2018 10:27:41
Jypeka Merci Tof ... si je pouvais le faire revenir :@ +1
I sure like this :)+1
February 21 2018 10:24:26
Jypeka Thans Fish ;) +1
C’est que tu mu fais plaisir toi ce matin! :D
J’ai savouré chaque secondes des 7:56 minutes!<3:W
Merci mon ami,
February 21 2018 10:26:00
Jypeka Merci Ray ,ça c'est la version courte :) +2
February 21 2018 14:26:33
Caroljoyce Lol 7mn, la version courte... T'as joué toute la nuit ? 24h/24 ? :| Increvable note Jypé ! :D +0
an excellent musical homage!!+1
February 21 2018 10:26:20
Jypeka Thanks Pewi ;) +1
February 20 2018 18:36:54
Leftdaloops1019 Another most excellent musician that utilizes the looper and he also plays the violin is Andrew Bird--I never listened to Didier Lockwood, so glad you posted this....back in 70s I really liked Vassar Clements ---- a couple of passages on your track reminded me of him. I think the Looper for violins is a perfect tool, as we are so used to hearing multiple violins, our ears are accustomed to it..... As stated Super Piece--Love the final "day in the life" sounding crescendo +1
February 21 2018 10:41:36
Jypeka Thank you Gemmy, I did not know "Andrew Bird" really excellent, I just went to see some video, very interesting ... "Vassar Clement" a little more country
I invite you to go see some videos of "Didier Lockwood" very rewarding ;)
February 21 2018 12:43:30
Leftdaloops1019 there are Vassar Clements songs that are very jazz based--from about 74,, I'll give Lockwood a listen. +1
February 21 2018 21:59:49
Leftdaloops1019 In 1976 I reviewed this album as a "pre-Screener" for the DJs at a college radio station, yesterday I mentioned Vassar......I was waiting on my son to get off work and killed some time in the used Book/music/video store----saw the album of Vassar's I reviewed think the last song on side 2 was a jazz prog violin.
I have Spotify and have selected a 3 album Classic by Lockwood to listen to
February 22 2018 16:34:14
Jypeka Thank you Gemmy I will listen to "Superbow" very country :Y ;) +0
February 22 2018 16:43:23
Leftdaloops1019 yeah I found it on Youtube just now---it is pretty country--Bluegrass sounding----I remember it to be more Jeff Beck-ish---but hey that was 40 years or more--the only thing that reminds me of Jeff is the "Friday the 13th" song with some guitar.....could do some smooth boot-scooting to this stuff!!!!!! The" Orange Bloosm Special" gets kind of tone delicious -Makes me wish we had some steel guitar players on Wikiloops---such tone!!!!

BTW is there a top album I should listen to of Lockwood----something like this piece you did...the one I chose sounds kind of 60s smooth jazz----Your piece has more of a free form, not pigeon-holed approach which I really like!
J’ai tt de suite pensé à toi en voyant cette nouvelle dans la presse. Tu dois être bien triste d’avoir perdu un maître comme celui-là.... je t’envoie plein de réconfort. Ta musique est magnifique mon ami.+1
February 21 2018 10:43:10
Jypeka Merci Agnès ... oui j'ai perdu mon "Johnny" à moi 😥 +2
Great musical homage!! great Jean Paul!! ;)+1
February 21 2018 10:44:10
Jypeka Merci Mario ...😥 +1
Very evocative!+1
February 21 2018 10:45:31
Jypeka Thanks Wade ;) +1
BRAVO JP !:D excellent boulot :)+1
February 21 2018 10:46:14
Jypeka Merci Jef ...triste ! +0
Maintenant je sais combien de poils j'ai dand le dos ... 😌 quel fabuleux hommage mon ami 😮😮 absolument fabuleux 🙊🙊 c'est fou comme ton jeu à évolué en peu de temps :o exceptionnel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍+1
February 21 2018 10:52:48
Jypeka Merci Arno ... obligé pour moi cet hommage ;) +1

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